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Leo Burnett supports government’s pledge to plant 100 million trees by 2025 with #Fight4OurPlanet campaign

by Grace Sundram

Leo Burnett today announced the launch of an environmental campaign, #Fight4OurPlanet, in partnership with National Patriots Association, National Monument (Taman Tugu Project), Nature Education Society (NEST) and the Free Tree Society. It aims to drive awareness of conserving nature and reversing climate change for future generations. The campaign kicked off on the International Climate Change Day on 21 June 2020 and supports the Malaysian government’s pledge to plant 100 million trees by 2025.


The #Fight4OurPlanet campaign used the symbol of national war monuments to tap into people’s national pride to make saving the planet a patriotic act. It aims to highlight how our forefathers fought for our freedom and encourage everyone to do their part.

Tan Kien Eng, CEO of Leo Burnett Malaysia, said, “Our planet is experiencing severe climate and ecological emergency with irreversible and catastrophic damage. We need to come together and work towards bringing about a momentous change. So, let’s embark on making #Fight4OurPlanet a global campaign that would make a difference. By doing so, we can help regain mother earth’s glory for a better tomorrow.”


A social media challenge related to the campaign saw 25 famous influencers, who believed in the cause, pledge their support to plant a tree. Jehan Miskin, a local actor, model and TV host; Deborah Henry, the former Miss Universe Malaysia and Miss Malaysia World; Davina Goh, a performer and plant-based lifestyle advocate; Jaclyn Victor, a Malaysian singer, songwriter and actress who won the inaugural Malaysian Idol and Ikon Malaysia; and Zamaera, the rising female rapper in Malaysia were among the most notable influencers supporting it.


The campaign co-organisers distributed warrior kits consisting of campaign t-shirts, tree sapling/ mini house plant, and a packet of biochar to the public at Taman Tugu from June 22 to June 24.

Picture by Markus Spiske

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