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Let Batman or the villainous Riddler give you directions on Waze

by Grace Sundram

Calling all Batman fans, this is your chance to be summoned by the amazing vigilante superhero or the nefarious Riddler. In conjunction with Batman Day, Waze has gotten a complete Gotham City makeover from now until October 31st and it’s super exciting.


The option will be available on the menu bar allowing the drivers to choose their ally between Batman or the Riddler. Drivers can not only just change the guidance voice but they can also switch their car icons and also moods.


As part of preparations for DC’s celebration of Batman Day next month, the guidance voice of Batman is provided by actor Kevin Conroy who voiced the superhero in Batman: The Animated Series whereas actor Wally Wingert voices the Riddler with the character’s unique sense of geekiness.


To make the changes to the voice, you can go to your ‘Settings’ in the app and scroll until you find ‘Voice & Sound’. From there you can either choose between both characters. As for the car icon, just tap on the ‘Map Display’ which can be found in your ‘Settings’ and it’ll show you the available icons.

Don’t forget, the new Batman feature is until October 31st so better make the heroic changes now.

Pictures by Grace Sundram & 4K Wallpaper

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