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Cubiloxe’s swiftlet nest beverages and desserts are all about love at every stage

by Grace Sundram

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about the caviar of the East is that it’s absolutely rich in epidermal growth factor that helps in skin tissue regeneration. Usually, birds nest is served traditionally in the soup but over at Cubiloxe, they are adapting to the current generation whereby everyone enjoys a cold, refreshing beverage during a sunny day.

Milk, Detox & Classic Series

Unity, PPAP, Tiffany Sky & Golden Chrys

Unity, PPAP, Tiffany Sky & Golden Chrys

What makes these beverages unique is that most of the ingredients are locally sourced and served in the most Malaysian way possible. One of our favourites would be Unity that falls under the Milk Series. The beverage comes with milk, pandan and gula melaka. It’s certainly a classic local delight as the beverage represents the unity of us all in our nation. Also, worthy to note that the beverage reminded us of cendol so plus one for that.

Another thing you should know if you’re planning to visit the store is that it has a patent for their swiftlet nest topping that comes in three shapes: traditional, sphere and crystal cube.

We were told that each beverage comes with a recommended topping but you can also choose to customise to your own liking. There’s also 2g of swiftlet nest in each cup which is quite worth the price. As for the Unity, we had the crystal cube topping.

Then we moved on to another beverage from the same series which is the tasty Tiffany Sky. Basically it’s a milky beverage drizzled with some luscious honey alongside with some sphere toppings. The colour blue came from the butterfly pea flower which is absolutely natural without any artificial colouring. Sweet, fruity notes making it a fragrant beverage which we personally would go back for.

Besides the milk series, we went with the PPAP from the detox series that came with crystal cube toppings. For this, the beverage came with pineapple enzymes that help tantalise your taste buds during a sunny day. Absolutely refreshing and perfect for those who like the fruit. Personally, it didn’t tickle our fancy as much as the other beverages.

Last but not least, the Golden Chrys from the classic series was served hot to us and honestly, we really enjoyed it. Something light and familiar to the tastebuds.

Egg Tart & Mochi Cake

Egg Tart & Mochi Cake

Besides swiftlet nest beverages, Cubiloxe also serves pastries and desserts. In this case, we tried the Egg Tart and Mochi Cake. The puff pastry on the Egg Tart had a nice buttery taste and texture and even had that nice crumble to it which makes it a good egg tart. As for the fillings, it was smooth and delicate with additional texture from the swiftlet nest sphere toppings.

The Mochi Cake was also amazing as it had that soft and chewy texture just like how it should be. We thoroughly enjoyed it and it certainly reminds us of eating marshmallows in camp as a kid. The treat also came with some additional traditional toppings.


So we have covered what you most likely would call a modern way to combine the swiftlet nest. But with that said, Cubiloxe also serves it the old, traditional way which you can always pre-order a day before heading to the shop. It comes with four different flavours such as the Honey Rock Sugar, Pandan Rock Sugar, Coconut and Honey Milk.


This version is available for dine-in only and will be served in beautiful ceramic bowls which cost RM48, each.


Another interesting thing we found from Cubiloxe is that they even have Instant Birds Nest. A packet costs around RM 50 but in a box, it comes with eight packets.


As the Mid Autumn Festival is just around the corner, Cubiloxe also has their own version of mooncakes which is the Swiftlet Nest Icy Mooncake. It comes with a snow skin like mochi and it’s infused with the flesh of Durian Musang King as well as 10g of wet swiftlet nest. Without a doubt, you can taste the swiftlet nest in every bite. The snow skin may be thin however the filling is absolutely decadent.

On top of that, this premium and luxury mooncake gift comes with two casings: Round Moon & Moon Palace that is perfect for your loved ones.

Cubiloxe currently has an on-going promotion for their beverages (RM25-27), desserts (RM25), freshly boiled birds nest (RM48) and mooncake (RM178).

Presentation: 4/5 | Taste: 4/5 | Value: 3.5/5

RMCO Hours: 11am – 8pm, daily

Address: 20, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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