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8 Merdeka-inspired handmade pieces you should get this month from Batik Boutique

by Grace Sundram

There’s something about batik that captures hearts and eyeballs… Perhaps it’s the striking handmade block prints that speak to the creative soul in each of us, or the intricate fabric dye patterns that remind us of Malaysia, or the breezy ‘life is a beach’ tropical feeling. Exotic and yet practical, stylishly fit for formal outings and yet comfortably airy for casual wear—no two batik pieces are the same.

To mark our nation’s 63rd Merdeka Day, Batik Boutique excited to bring you 8 Merdeka-inspired handmade pieces specially crafted by local Malaysian artisans. From batik bags and pouches to shirts and face masks, every one-of-a-kind item you buy—be it as a gift for someone special or treat for self—will go towards helping local batik artisans sustain their livelihoods.

Ketupat Bag – Festival Red


Celebrate Merdeka season by going out and painting the town red with your Festival Red Ketupat Bag! Their cute and trendy Ketupat bags were inspired by the diamond shape of their popular Malay local delicacy known as “ketupat”. Made from 100% cotton hand-blocked Malaysian batik, it’s the perfect size for a day out with your family or friends. That unique Ketupat triangular shape can fit in more items than you think too, ladies—with a wider flat base that’ll sit nicely on any table, not to mention grab attention.

Also available in other gorgeous colours such as Turquoise Tikar, Blue Skies, Black Fern, Grey Peony and Pink Pagar.

KL Tote Bag – Navy Gemilang


No joke, but every woman (and bloke) can’t leave home without a tote. Plus the Merdeka month is a great time to show off your patriotism by holding the Jalur Gemilang close to your side with pride. Their colourful Navy Gemilang KL Tote Bag is made with premium quality 100% hand-printed calico fabric. It comes with an inner pocket for organisation and straps with a snap button feature that lets you fold it up and put it away easily when not in use (which to be perfectly frank, will be rare.)

Also available in other striking colours such as Fuchsia Jambu, Orange Senja and Teal Rimba.

Zip Pouch – Red Festival


From their popular floral-inspired Red Festival series comes their nifty Zip Pouch. Store your accessories and pieces like makeup essentials or tech gadgets (chargers and earphones) in it, so they don’t get lost in your larger carry-on. Their Red Festival Zip Pouch is made from pure cotton hand-blocked Malaysian batik and a durable leather base, with lovely satin lining to protect your precious items.

Also available in other colours such as Brown Bloom, Black Tribal, Black Fern, Grey Peony, Navy Sawit and Blue Nautical Fern.

KL Pouch – Navy Gemilang


As Malaysians like to say during Merdeka: “Fly the Jalur Gemilang high and proud!” Batik Boutique likes to say: wear it with pride. Their Navy Gemilang themed KL Pouch highlights the proud landmarks of Kuala Lumpur in white linings against a navy hand-printed linen fabric. It’s embellished by contrast piping and bright red tassels for an added pop of colour.

Also available in these colours: Fuchsia Jambu, Orange Senja and Teal Rimba.

Reusable Snack Bags – Red Bunga Api


Perfect for kids lunches, office snacks, Merdeka outings, and as practical gifts, their Reusable Snack Bags celebrate every occasion like fireworks (or ‘Bunga Api’) do. Every set comes in 2 machine-washable snack bag sizes (small and large), as well as waterproof, food-safe inner lining. Indulge in your snacks, knowing that your trusty Reusable Snack Bag is both ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly.

Also available in Fuchsia Jambu, Orange Senja and Teal Rimba.

Men’s Batik Shirt: Merdeka


Ready to say Merdeka with every step you take? Their Merdeka-themed Batik Shirt for men is hand-made using a traditional block printing technique by Malaysian artisans. Best of all, it’s dual-purpose: comfortable enough to wear for special formal gatherings as well as everyday casual daywear. You can thank its premium quality material made of 100% natural cotton fibre for its light, airy feel. If you like your shirts authentic, with a slimming straight fit—look no further.

Available in many colours to fit different tastes.

We Tote You’ll Like This Promotion!


Get 1 Tote and a matching Zip Pouch for just RM345. Keep all your items together, and your life super organised.

Celebrate Merdeka in Style—Stay Safe All The While!


Get a FREE Reusable Face Mask for purchases above RM300 and practice the new norm. They have masks for adults and kids (ages between 3 to 10 years old) in assorted colours and prints that make a great fashion accessory for you and your family, as well as thoughtful gifts for friends and clients. The 2 ply mask is further fitted with an envelope slit at the bottom so you can add the recommended extra filter. Forget itchy, uncomfortable ears too. Their masks come with comfy elastic straps that fit over the head and not ears for longer wear and hijab wearers.

Batik Boutique creates ethical gifts, apparel and fashion accessories made from authentic Malaysian batik. Every one-of-a-kind piece is crafted by artisan communities. Each sale goes towards sustaining their livelihoods and promoting the cultural heritage of Malaysian batik.

To purchase, visit their website or check their retail outlet in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur which is open from 9am to 6pm Mondays to Saturdays.

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