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#GraceReviews: We cheated on our diet with Milligram’s flaky-gooey croissants and it was WORTH IT

by Grace Sundram

Nestled only a few steps from the popular William Corner, Milligram Cafe provides a comfortable space full of aesthetic décor alongside a well-crafted menu. The eatery has been in the F&B scene for many years now and has become a staple of the area and the preferred choice of your local foodie.

So when we heard that Milligram’s pastry case was up, we got ecstatic and just had to check it out for ourselves.

Although we were on a strict diet, we just couldn’t help it. They always said to reward yourself with good food when you’ve achieved something, so we did just that by ordering these tasty croissants.

Salted-egg yolk croissant

Honestly, we get dead serious when it comes to our croissants and over at Milligram’s, there were no exceptions. For starters, the salted-egg yolk croissant (RM 7.50) was excellent. Quite well-defined, we didn’t expect the layers of pastry to be crispy and flaky when we cut it in half. This treat instantly earned extra brownie points as we completely relished on how the filling oozed out of the pastry highlighting a molten salted egg yolk custard that was absolutely pleasant on the taste buds.

Green tea croissant

When it came to the green tea croissant (RM 7.50), we were impressed with how the pastry looked. This delicious mess had green stripes intertwined with the pastry, resembling the green tea filling. Now, this is what you call Instagram worthy. With a similar crispy and flaky exterior, the filling was just all about the luscious bittersweet green tea cream filling that was outstanding. Each mouthful tastes sweet with a subtle hint of earthiness from the green tea. This just makes you want to squeal in happiness and dive in for the next bite.

Avocado smoothie 

To balance out these sweet treats (and to also feel less guilty), we went with an avocado smoothie that was just sinlessly good and perfect for that particular gloomy day. A sip of this and you’re on your way to paradise. As someone who honestly appreciates avocado, it was rich and creamy —  basically screams avocado all the way. There wasn’t any sugar, maybe slight but it was barely noticeable and it was just the way we like it.

All in all, Milligram has maintained its position as our resident foodie’s go-to spot and now that she has discovered these croissants, they’ll probably be seeing her more often as usual.

Presentation: 5/5 | Taste: 5/5 | Value: 5/5

RMCO Hours: 9am – 7pm, daily

Address: No. 8, Jalan SS 26/4, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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