Home Event Guess what? Jaya One launches a brand new entrance at The School, P2

Guess what? Jaya One launches a brand new entrance at The School, P2

by Grace Sundram

It was only last Saturday when Jaya One finally unveiled the brand new entrance which is located at The School by Jaya One’s Level P2. Not only does it boasts a stylish outlook but Jaya One now has new anchor tenants: AEON BiG; health and beauty chain Guardian; and other F&B brands including Tiger Sugar, Famous Amos, Sangkaya, and Fulleaf. This new entrance marks a wholesome experience for the surrounding Section 13 neighbourhood.


After going through seven long months of renovation, AEON BiG is finally ready to serve the Jaya One community alongside other anchors like Celebrity Fitness, BUMP Bouldering, and MR DIY. Being a joint venture between Jaya One and AEON BiG, the new hypermarket will also be inclusive of its sister company such as the La Boheme Bakery, C’est La Vie Japan, Korea, and Taiwan-imported products, Ready To Eat delights and sushi selections – making it the first ‘hybrid’ AEON BiG in Malaysia.


On top of that, the hypermarket also will be offering 80% fresher seafood which includes ocean-fresh fish directly imported from Norway, as well as fresh-cut vegetables and fruits. With the new normal post-MCO situation, AEON BiG is also offering drive-thru counters and personal shoppers to pick and purchase groceries for customers.

BUMP Boudering, that’s located at Level 1 will be expanding their gym facilities with an extra 5,964 sqft to provide for the sprouting popularity of the sports of as well as to keep things fresh for regular climbers. There are just so many new things

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