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M’sian fashion label designs Hup Seng & Gardenia bags, straight out of our childhood

by Grace Sundram

Remember those good times chasing after the roti man?

As kids, we pretty much have tried almost every snack out there especially the local ones. Even up until this day, we still have it and that brings us so much joy and memories. However, what if we tell you that instead of eating them, you can actually carry them around like a bag or a purse?


With over 2.6K comments and 4.9K shares, Wan’s Handmade is a fashion label that’s from Batu Pahat, Johor that came up with these one-of-a-kind bags. The label doesn’t just feature regular pouches or messenger bags but their most creative ones would have to be the food-inspired bags. If you love Gardenia and Hup Seng Crackers just like we do, then you should check out his Plastic Reborn Project where they reuse the plastic packaging and turn it into something unique.


These food-inspired bags are sold from RM 79 and some of the household food staple bags get a facelift. Unlike the regular stripes on the Gardenia packaging, WAn’s Handmade bags come with a gingham print instead whereas some parts of the bags are from the actual packaging. As the label plans to stick to their collection name, they reused the front part of the plastic packaging for the bag. The creative part is that they even managed to include the expiration tag on it.


Such a unique design, the label even came up with a Massimo version of this bag.


Besides the bread packaging, WAn’s Handmade has also created the Hup Seng Cream Crackers bag. As part of the Plastic Reborn Project, this cute and trendy bag comes with removable straps. So you can switch it from a clutch to a handbag without any hassle.


Within the same Hup Seng Cream Crackers packaging, it even comes in the form of a Mini Messenger Bag. What’s fun about this design is that it comes in the size of the mini 3-biscuit-packet. So convenient, you can now preorder the bag if you’d like.


Topping it off, the label doesn’t just stop at those three staple foods. Fans of Mister Potato, Lexus and Lays can also fulfil their dream of donning these customisable bags. Those interested can just purchase their bags via the Artzzo or slide them a DM if you have any questions.

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