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The iconic Californian Dipping Burger has finally reached M’sian shores and we are excited to try it out

by Grace Sundram

There’s no doubt that we absolutely love our burgers and with the signature California dipping burger, we can finally add another one to our list of favourites. Pasadena Burger is a newly launched premium burger online delivery service that strives to fuse traditionally loved American flavours and cheeses with a Malaysian twist.


For the unfamiliar, Pasadena in California is actually the home of the world’s first cheeseburger and with that said, Pasadena Burger’s ultimate goal is to cater to foodies who love the taste of the classic gourmet burger. The reason why it’s called premium is that they only use premium quality ingredients such as high-grade Australian beef, Cheddar cheese, and muffin-style buns. On top of that, what’s a burger without a sauce and Pasadena has three distinct and flavorful dipping sauces — Honey Cheese, Cajun Spicy Cheese and Habanero Southern Californian Cheese.


During the MCO, we have all been introduced to DIY cooking kits and just like that, it won’t be any different with Pasadena Burger. As it is available via a revolutionary home-kit delivery system, you can customise your orders with various sauce choices as well as burgers (two, four, six or eight) which are then delivered to their doorstep to be freshly cooked at home.


All ingredients and seasonings are provided in airtight packaging and dry ice that preserves the high-grade Australian beef. For those looking to simply enjoy the burgers ready-made from the Pasadena Burger kitchen, online orders are also welcome.


Ideal for all types of customers, whether it be couples, families, or groups of friends, you can just bring the premium dipping burger experience back home. To top it off, Pasadena Burgers are sold at an affordable rate of only RM 24.50 per burger.

If reading this just makes you salivate already, then head on to Pasadena Burger and purchase a kit for yourself.

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