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#GraceReviews: These are some of the tastiest dishes you can find at Mean Mince

by Grace Sundram

I don’t know about you but I like my burgers deep-fried and pizzas real deep.

When it comes to burger joints, we expect one thing and one thing only — a thick, juicy patty. It’s clear that this American burger joint is no stranger to the food scene in KL and so your resident foodie is back to review the meanest (so good) dishes in town. As we all know, all you have to do is serve me a burger that yells less is more and I’m sold.


Chef Min was always fond of the culinary world and so he gained a lot of knowledge from his time abroad and came back with a mission — to open up a restaurant where he can serve comfort food with a twist. Been around since 2018, Mean Mince is possibly the only restaurant in Malaysia to have introduced the famous Deep Fried Burger. You’re definitely enjoying a meal right when you’re willing to get your hands all greasy.


Staying true to the American roots and Chef Min’s passion, he has introduced a brand new addition to the menu — the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Believe it or not, I was completely stoked to try it out. From the month of July onwards, Mean Mince will be featuring one new limited-dish that is famous in America, on a monthly basis. So to kick start the series, this indulgent signature pizza from Illinois is the first one.


Completely different from the pizza you’re used to, the Deep Dish Pizza (RM 69.90) comes with a thick crust featuring a generous pool of tomato sauce and loads of ooey-gooey cheese topped with their amazing housemade spicy beef meatball sausage. The first bite certainly took me to heaven and it’s certainly not your typical canned tomato sauce where it’s just tangy all the way. But instead, it had that perfect balance of the sweetness and acidity of the tomato. On top of that, the herbs in it certainly enriched the whole flavour of the sauce as well.

For me, I’m not really a tomato-based dish kind of person but I have to give this pizza the credit it deserves as the sauce was certainly the standout feature.  Every bite was an experience especially when it came to the meat. So juicy and tantalising, I can eat it all day.


Another special dish that I, wholeheartedly enjoyed was Mean Mince off the menu’s Smash Burger (RM26.90). If you’re a regular, you’d probably know how incredible this burger is but if you’re not, then this is your chance to try it. Who knew that a simple burger that consists of only three ingredients could fulfil the life of a foodie. It only took three juicy beef patties, some stretchy and oozing cheese with incredible soft buttered buns to make me completely obsessed with this minimalistic (literally) dish. The so little yet so good burger is seasoned to perfection and they made the right decision because honestly, there’s no need for condiments.

As for their Buffalo Chicken Wings (RM 13.90), you just can’t resist digging in. The tender wings are smothered in spicy buffalo sauce and on the side, it came with some blue cheese aioli. Made for spicy addicts, this chicken wings dish is another winner for me.

Snapseed 16

Being a burger joint, it’s completely given to serve milkshakes and the one at Mean Mince is an absolute delight. This sweet and salty treat with a twist is outrageously delicious and is chock full of peanut butter. Sometimes when it comes to a milkshake, you can already sense if it’s actually powder-made however I can assure you, that is not the case with this Peanut Butter Shake (RM12). With just peanut butter, vanilla ice cream and milk, this is a milkshake that you would keep coming back for more.

Speciality: On birthdays, Mean Mince serves the Churros Bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Made truly from the heart and that’s the reason why I would keep coming back for more.

Presentation: 5/5Taste: 5/5Value: 5/5

Hours: Thursdays-Tuesdays: 12pm-10pm. (Closed on Wednesdays)

Address: 31-1, Jalan PJU 7/16A, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Pictures by Grace Sundram

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