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Nicol David is the new ambassador for AIA

by Grace Sundram

AIA Malaysia joins forces with newly-appointed ambassador Datuk Nicol David as it advances its mission to help Malaysians live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives. Nicol will play an active role in promoting the leading insurer’s efforts in empowering Malaysians to improve their health and wellbeing through AIA’s key pillars of the move well, eat well, rest well and plan well.

With an impressive squash career spanning 19 years, Nicol has been a national sports hero who has represented Malaysia on the global level, making her a household name and an undoubtedly powerful force in unifying Malaysians. During her illustrious career, Nicol dominated the global rankings by winning eight World Titles and held the World Number 1 position for a total of 109 consecutive months. Nicol won her first World Title at the tender age of 15, making her the first Malaysian athlete to win a World Title at that age. Additionally, Nicol was voted G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) by Squash and Sports fans – a fitting accolade for an athlete who also has nine Asian Titles under her belt.

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After announcing her retirement in 2019, Nicol’s position as a role model to Malaysians across all generations remains strong as she continues to contribute to the sport while empowering the younger generation to stay fit and active. As a celebrated sports icon, Nicol is no stranger to the topic of health and fitness and her journey in the world of sports is quintessential in her role as AIA’s ambassador in advocating for Malaysians to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Health has always been my priority, be it in my professional career as an athlete or my own personal conviction as an individual. This is why AIA is a natural fit for me and I am happy to be able to support their initiatives for a healthier and better Malaysia. I am especially excited to be a part of the AIA Vitality community, motivating each other to stay on track of our health goals and inspiring others to join a truly beneficial programme. – Datuk Nicol David

In addition to being the face of AIA Malaysia, Nicol will also be playing a specific role in championing AIA Vitality, AIA’s unique behavioural change programme that puts individuals in control of their health, life and wellbeing. Together with AIA, Nicol will help drive the initiative to encourage and motivate AIA Vitality members and Malaysians to make positive, healthy choices every day – so that they can get more out of life. Additionally, Nicol will be supporting a number of AIA’s most important community and business activities to personify and demonstrate the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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