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Get to know the mind behind Little Chindian Bakes

by Grace Sundram

Cheesecakes are life but have you tried Little Chindian Bakes’ cheesecake in jars? If you have not, you are definitely missing out. We had the opportunity to interview the home baker who’s responsible for making us all obsessed with her treats so without further ado, let’s get to it.

What piqued your interest in baking?

Knowing that I can bake something so tasty out of the simplest of ingredients is what got me very interested in baking! Especially when those simple ingredients turn out looking so mouth-watering after the whole baking process is completed. My mother definitely played an important role in my interest in baking. As I was growing up, she would frequently bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. for my family and they were REALLY good! Especially her cupcakes! My family and friends would place orders with my mum even though she just bakes for fun and doesn’t actively sell them! Another important person who played a role with my interest in baking is my Grandma! My cousins and I would look forward to Christmas season every year to bake pineapple tarts, cookies and rock buns with her! Back when I was studying overseas, midnight baking was my version of a stress relief session as well. It definitely helped ease my nerves before an exam.

What made you start up Little Chindian Bakes?


I actually recently started Little Chindian Bakes at the end of May this year! I wanted to start a side hustle that would keep me on my toes as I’m currently not doing anything(besides binge-watching Netflix series of course). I’ve also been encouraged by many of my loved ones(especially my dad and mum) to start selling my baked goodies.

Why cheesecakes and do you plan to offer more desserts in the near future?

It all began before Mother’s Day when I was trying to decide what to bake for the mother figures in my life. My family LOVES cheesecakes and so I wanted to apply a twist to the original cheesecakes that we would normally eat. I realized that Lotus Biscoff is an “in-thing” now and so I made mini Biscoff cheesecake cupcakes for all of my mother figures and was encouraged to sell them because they loved it a lot! I definitely do plan on selling other desserts in the future but as of now, I’m just focusing on cheesecakes. I’m taking it one step at a time as I’m a one-woman show.

How did you come up with the idea to create a cheesecake in a jar?


I knew that I needed to stand out and be different if I were to start Little Chindian Bakes and so I browsed through Pinterest to get inspiration. And guess what, I really was inspired and drawn by a particular photo that had layers of red velvet cake and cream cheese in a jar. I then thought to myself that this would be very interesting if I were to sell my Biscoff Cheesecake Cupcakes in a jar instead! The jar definitely gives it an aesthetic look as well! Not only that, but I also sell them in glass jars so that my customers can reuse them. It’s also just a small little step I wanted to take in reducing waste and saving the environment. This jar of yummy goodness is made with only the best quality ingredients especially the cream cheese, and therefore its texture is thick, dense and creamy! You’ll get tasty bites of Lotus Biscoff biscuit crumbles + Lotus Biscoff cream cheese + Lotus Biscoff spread!

How much is the Biscoff Cheesecake Jars and Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake?

Here’s the price:
* Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake in a Jar (RM16)
* 6” Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake (RM55)
* 8” Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake (RM88)

How’s the response so far for your business? Was it what you expected?


In all honesty, the response is definitely more than what I expected. I have been receiving orders every single day since I started and I’m truly blessed for receiving an amazing amount of responses/orders along with their satisfied feedback! My happy customers definitely make my day.

Besides Little Chindian Bakes, what is your career background?

So I furthered my studies in America and graduated with a Marketing and Professional Sales Specialization Degree in 2018. I then worked as a Marketing Assistant in a biotech company in America for a year and decided that it was time for me to come back home to Malaysia for good. I’m currently not looking for a job right now as I need a break from the corporate world. Therefore, I’ve just been on a break ever since I’ve been back to Malaysia and it FEELS GOOD! Especially now that I’ve started my very own side hustle.

Tell us why is it important for Malaysians to support all our local businesses.

I personally feel that it’s important because it allows local businesses the opportunity to create employment opportunities, achieve financial independence as well as encourage innovation within our local talents. Even if a person doesn’t want to purchase a product from a local business, he/she can do a lot of good by helping to share a deal or photo on social media. By doing so, he/she would have helped the local business get a wider spread of people who might be interested in that particular product.

To order these decadent cheesecake jars, just slide into their DMs on Instagram.

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