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Don’t forget to capture moments this Canon National Camera Day

by Grace Sundram

Celebrating Canon National Day was all about cultivating the love for camera and photography among aspiring photographers and enthusiasts. Since the day is usually celebrated annually on June 29, Canon Malaysia is hosting a month-long campaign digitally on their Instagram.


The campaign will consist of a series of photography workshops which would be hosted by Canon EOS Youth Ambassadors. Camera enthusiasts can also take this opportunity to cultivate their passion for photography in the Capturing Moments photo contest.

Revolving around three photo themes – First Moments, Memorable Moments and Nature Moments, the details of both Capturing Moments Photography workshop and Capturing Moments contest will be published on their Instagram.


The components of the celebration are part of Canon’s larger purpose to cultivate a photography culture by giving aspiring photographers a platform to develop their technical skills, push their creative boundaries and showcase their talent to a wide range of audiences.


This round, the three Canon EOS Youth Ambassadors will act as mentors and judges for the contest come from very diverse backgrounds, bringing in a wide spectrum of photography from portraiture to street photography and from architecture to conceptual art; but most importantly they are well equipped to inspire a new generation of photographers.


The photography workshop, which will be conducted by Canon EOS Youth Ambassadors; Samuel Goh, Annice Lyn, and Acacia Diana, will see each Ambassador taking on a theme and offering their knowledge, tips, and tricks as well as sharing on their photography journey.

Pictures by Pavel Kosov, Digital Artscape, Parrot Print Canva & James Bold

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