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ICYMI: What you need to know about the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO)

by Grace Sundram

This year certainly has been very unpredictable and unexpected. After what seems like a very long time, Malaysia will be entering a recovery phase that will begin tomorrow (June 10) as today will be the last day of the MCO and it will be enforced until August 31. The movement has been previously extended for at least four times since it was first implemented back on March 18.

With the RMCO, Malaysians can expect fewer restrictions compared to the last movement order and the public can carry out their daily activities as long as they still comply with the SOPs. Also, Malaysians who are returning home during RMCO period are allowed to return home and self-quarantine themselves for 14 days. This procedure is only for those who have been tested negative for COVID-19.

Interstate travel


After so long, the government will be permitting all interstate travelling during the RMCO phase except for areas that are still categorised as red zones. Although you still can’t travel overseas yet, you can always still opt for domestic travels as long as you adhere to the standard operating procedures.

Business and social activities


One of the perks of the RMCO is that almost all businesses, social and religious gatherings as well as educational activities are now allowed to resume operations in stages. This includes hair salons and beauty parlours, open markets and food stalls.

Those in the filming industry can now carry out outdoor shoots. Indoor busking will also be permitted as well as museum visits and creative outlets. With that said, since Hari Raya Aidiladha is also around the corner, the government has given a green light to carry out celebrations and Qurban activities. However, organisers must adhere to SOPs at all times.

What’s still not allowed during the RMCO are large gatherings, theme parks, karaoke centres, reflexology centres and nightclubs.

Sport and recreational activities


The Prime Minister has also given the green light to certain sports and recreational activities, as long as it does not involve contact. Sports such as football, boxing, rugby, hockey are still prohibited.

Whereas, cycling, bowling, archery and badminton are allowed. Gyms and sports complexes will resume its operations starting from June 15. Even during an exercise, you should always maintain a three to five metres gap and always follow the strict guidelines provided.



For now, Education Minister Mohd Radzi Md Jidin stated that only Form Five and Form Six students would be returning to schools. As for the other students, the Education Ministry will make an announcement soon. But what’s confirmed is that schools will definitely reopen in stages.


With all that said, always follow the SOPs given and maintain social distancing. Wearing masks in public as well washing your hands frequently is part of the new normal that we all must adhere to. It may seem difficult to accept the new reality but since we have had practice since March 18, there shouldn’t be much trouble.

Stay safe.

Photos by Malay Mail, The Star, Shafwan Zaidon, Bernama, Malaysia Kini, Coco Dry & Mbrella Films

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