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Former Miss Universe Malaysia makes demeaning and racist comments, receives major backlash from public

by Grace Sundram

We thought 2020 was the only thing that got cancelled, turns out so is Samantha Katie James.

Growing up, we have been told to educate ourselves about certain matters before saying something out loud. It was either that or to stay silent. But in this case, former Miss Universe Malaysia, Samantha Katie James chose neither.

It is always best to stay silent instead of making insensitive and irrelevant remarks.


Nobody is perfect and somehow or another, you will come to make mistakes. Nevertheless, it is up to that individual to own it and come clean instead of making matters worse by adding more fuel to the fire.

That said, as kids, we have been looking forward to the year 2020 and believed that it would really be a good year. Unfortunately, everything toppled when we were struck with a global pandemic. Turns out though, COVID-19 has got nothing on police brutality cases and racism.

You see being part of one of the biggest beauty pageants out there and being the face of a country, one might believe that such an individual would be full of poise, grace and brains. It’s not just about carrying the title of being Miss Universe Malaysia. It’s about being a role model for young women on the international stage.


Samantha certainly stepped on people’s toes when she expressed her opinions concerning the nationwide protests about the killing of an innocent African-American man, George Floyd. He was suffocated to death last Monday (May 25) by a white American police officer who continuously kept his knee on Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. His death was captured on camera as well and was seen that Floyd did not show any signs of resistance as opposed to the claims of the officers. He pleaded that he could not breathe and it was heard that the only thing the officers told him was to “relax.”

The death of George Floyd has reignited deep-seated anger over police brutality since then in the US. It’s not the first time that we have heard stories such as these but it certainly is time for us to realise that enough is really enough.


Samantha went on posting controversial Instagram stories yesterday (June 1) by claiming that because of the people’s “rage and anguish,” that is why the ‘whites’ have won.

“Because if you’re angry, you respond in rage and anguish. That means it has power over you. Foolish humans,” she wrote in one of her Stories.

My question for her is, imagine if we do sit around quietly and tiptoe around the matter, would these police brutality cases and racism really go away? Many have died fighting for what’s right and instead of letting everything around us burn in a pit hole, you as an individual have the rights to stand up and seek justice. 

We live in a world where our words matter and that it can actually affect how people act. You can choose to stay silent but that doesn’t mean that racism and police brutality cases are going to dissolve anytime soon.


It didn’t take long though, for someone to come forward with their thoughts. A netizen replied to her story and said that this is how people have to respond to injustice because, without rage and anguish, their voices will never get heard. Which she went on and answered, “Fighting never solves anything.”


Her next story was all about her going on a ramble about her happiness, child poverty and the amount of inhumanity among humans to each other and to other species.

You chose to be born as a ‘coloured’ person in America for a reason. To learn a certain lesson. – Samantha Katie James

She also went on to say that all African-Americans “chose” to be a “coloured” person in America and that they should accept it as it is. In that same context, she asked them to “relax” and “take it as a challenge.”


Adding to the message, she even wrote a sidenote whereby her philosophy can only be understood by those who have a certain level and state of mind and that it’s not for everyone.

“It’s inevitable. Best you can do is remain calm, protect heart, don’t allow it to crumble. That’s your responsibility.”


Another netizen also came forward with a comment on how issues like this are quite evitable and can be stopped if people are fighting for it stop.

“There have been MANY deaths and this has hit the very top of the people’s patience. HOW LONG MORE DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO STAY SILENT?!” the netizen wrote back.


Not only was Samantha condescending in her reply, but she also expressed how she faced discrimination in Malaysian schools for being “white” and that the headmistress told her to not bring any of the Western cultures to school.

Since then, screenshots of her Instagram Stories have gone viral on Twitter with over 38.1K retweets.

Untitled design

She could’ve handled and responded to these comments differently. 

Untitled design (1)

Instead, she chose to spew back sarcastic remarks, making it seem like she’s quite ignorant to certain values and beliefs.

The whole situation is getting out of hand and everyone is outraged especially with this petition going around to get Miss Universe Malaysia Organization to strip her of her crown and title.

Overnight, it has garnered 10,808 signed petitions and we are pretty sure that it will just be a matter of time (sooner rather than later) to reach the 15,000 mark.


MUMO has then released an official statement on their Instagram page noting, “Miss Universe Malaysia Organisation (MUMO) notes with dismay the recent social media posts made by Samantha Kate James, a past winner of Miss Universe Malaysia. We also note that these posts are inappropriate, offensive, unacceptable and hurtful. The views expressed on Samantha’s personal Instagram account are her own personal views and are neither the view nor position of MUMO. Samantha Katie James is not contracted to MUMO and has not represented the organisation since June 2018.”


On another note, when it comes to verification, it has come to our attention that the blue tick next to Samantha’s name on Instagram no longer exists. This clearly shows that whatever you choose to say on social media can either make you or destroy you. There’s just no in-between. 

Samantha may have yet to be stripped of her Miss Universe Malaysia title. But besides Instagram revoking her verified badge, brands like Velvet Vanity Cosmetics have also come forward with a statement claiming they would not endorse such discriminatory behaviour as shown by Samantha, herself.

“Any posts featuring Miss Samantha Kathy was made before this case and we have not affiliated with her anymore.”

Sometimes bad publicity may seem like good publicity but when all said and done, I honestly have no idea how is Samantha going to recover from this fiasco.

With that said, don’t stop spreading love and positivity because what comes around definitely goes around.

Do always remember this too, if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Pictures by Pamper, Reuters & Samantha Katie James

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