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Motorist aims to help Malaysians sell their vehicles in a safe and efficient manner during the CMCO

by Grace Sundram

This online platform makes the lives of used-car sellers easier through their highest price guaranteed within 24 hours and free car valuation for all. The brand realizes the importance of health and safety amid a pandemic and as such, aims to help Malaysians sell their cars effectively and efficiently now that used car sales are back on track during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).


COVID-19 has left no stone unturned. Economies all around the world are affected by the pandemic, causing spending habits worldwide to decline. In Malaysia, financial constraints have seen car owners looking to sell their cars, or even opting to buy a secondhand car instead. However, selling a car can be a tedious process. Car owners will need to identify the right buyer, compare market rates for the best prices, all while managing the necessary paperwork and documentation accurately. To eliminate the hassle, Motorist simply requires car owners to submit their name, car registration number and contact details on its website, and the Motorist team will take care of the rest.

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Since its initial launch in Singapore five years ago and its entry into Malaysia less than two years ago, Motorist has seen RM 1 billion worth of car transactions completed, as it continues to expand its services across the region. It is now connected to a total of 800 automotive partners, with more than 200 dealers in Malaysia alone. The brand is confident that Malaysia’s used-car sales industry will continue to thrive despite the limitations posed by COVID-19. Moving forward, Motorist looks to further establish its presence in Malaysia by growing its user base and gradually introducing more features that can improve car ownership for all Malaysians.

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