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#GracePicks: Online fashion boutiques to up your K-Fashion game

by Grace Sundram

When it comes to Korean fashion, you can go from street to chic in no time. We have seen all of our favourite K-drama actresses dolled up and love the style they’re rockin’, hence why we have listed a few places where you can dress up just like that.

The Dawny


From rocking a dashing Vogue knitted braid set to an elegant ruffles split dinner dress, The Dawny offers you a range of outfits for every occasion. Not only is the price easy on the wallet, but be sure to expect amazing clothing quality as well. Aiming to provide such youthful vibrancy to all fashionistas, this is one store you would not want to miss out.

Le Wild Factory


You can go from street to sweet with the outfits from Le Wild Factory. So K-inspired, they carry a wide collection of apparels that are all reasonable in price. You can always rock a simple denim ripped romper with a quick slip-on during the day. Whilst switching to a pull up bodycon dress for the evening, for a more classy look.

QueenShop Malaysia


Established in 2006, this famous own-brand clothing store brings the most textured clothes to people in both Malaysia and Singapore. Not only do their clothes make every girl feel confident but they also are designed based on what you like.

Chic Ann


In 2019, Chic Ann was set up and is based with ready stock items unlike their partner Fash Grace, who has a preorder concept.  Known for their summer dresses with multiple floral, checkers and polka dot prints, Chic Ann strives for exclusiveness with every piece that is featured. Besides their wide range of clothes, Chic Ann also sells accessories, bags and shoes too.

Bernadette Blend


The whole concept of the store is to offer beautiful, elegant and classy clothes to fashion enthusiasts. It is also all about how they blend each piece of clothing together to make a spectacular outfit. Each outfit brings out a side of you that you never knew and that is why fashion is so special.

Pictures by Cam Morin & respected brands 

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