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#GracePicks: K-dramas got us hooked on Korean food and we can’t stop thinking about it

by Grace Sundram

We have been blessed with so many good Korean dramas and because of these spectacular shows, we are absolutely hooked on their food. Whenever we turn on a drama, there will always be someone eating and that just makes us want to try whatever they’re eating so bad. Here are 5 popular foods in K-dramas we usually crave for.



It’s almost impossible to say that we have not seen a bibimbap dish on a show. This bowl of mix ingredients is so healthy as it almost has every important element from the food pyramid. Consists of rice, sauteed vegetables, mushrooms, soy sauce and gochujang — this is certainly one dish we have been craving for since day 1. The dish also comes with a fried egg, though.

Kimchi Fried Rice


Of course, Kimchi is the most essential dishes in Korean cuisine and once combined with rice? It’s just heavenly. This simple dish only needs three ingredients in total: rice, kimchi and your choice of protein. Well, you can also add vegetables if you like too.



This cylindrical rice cake is so common on Korean dramas that all we want to do is just have a bite. It’s a combination of both spicy and sweet and is usually sold by street vendors in Korea.



Perfect for a picnic or lunchbox meal, these Korean sushi rolls are usually made out of cooked rice and other ingredients like cheese, kimchi, cucumber, bulgogi and rolled in dried sheets of nori seaweed.



The jjajangmyeon is one dish that became famous from the Oscar-winning film, Parasite. Topped with a thick sauce made of Chunjang which is also known as black bean sauce, this is one tasty dish you would want to keep having.

Pictures by Vicky Ng, Cristiano Pinto, Unilever Food Solutions, Filippo Faruffini, Maangchi & Healthy Nibbles

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