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Here’s where you can get baking supplies in KL & Selangor

by Grace Sundram

Since the MCO began, everyone has taught themselves how to cook, dance and even bake. Now that it’s the last weekday to the Raya week, we’re pretty sure everyone is busy with the baking. And without a doubt, we’re pretty sure your neighbourhood grocery store is running out of baking supplies. That said, this is a list of places you can go to that cater to your baking needs.

Harvest Bakery Ingredients


They have been around since the year 1985 and over the years, they have expanded the business and are known to be one of the most go-to places for bakers to get their hands on margarine, food colouring and chocolates. Besides offering a full range of bakery solutions, they also carry over 100 products from more than 20 different categories.

Bake with Yen


If you have not heard about this store, then you certainly must come out of your shell more often. Bake with Yen is probably a safe haven for most home bakers and has several outlets in KL and Selangor. The most popular outlet of theirs would be the one at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya. From baking trays to whipping creams and also cake toppings, there’s nothing you cannot find over here.

2 Ply3

This is another baking supply store that has been around for many years. Well, 22 to be exact. Now, they have at least 10 outlets nationwide and are well prepared to cater to the needs of every baker in town. Not only can you find bakery tools and ingredients, but they also have kitchenware as well as plastic and packaging. 2 Ply also does baking demos time to time, so perhaps after the MCO, you can check it out.

House of Ingredients


This full-service bakery supply store at Bandar Sri Damansara and has been around since the year 2000. They are known for their affordable pricings especially with their wide range of products. If you’re new to baking and have no idea what you’re searching for, their staffs are friendly and ready to help clear your doubts.

Hot Oven Bakery Supplies


It may be a small store, but it is certainly well-equipped with the necessities needed for baking. Located at Seri Kembangan, this neighbourhood friendly baking store is the right place to go to, especially if you’re just starting out at baking. They have all kinds of things like cake and dessert topping, cake moulds, cake toppers and also freshly-made pizza base.

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