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Binge watch these latest K-dramas and swoon over your favourite oppa

by Grace Sundram

Although 2020 didn’t really turn out the way we expected it to be, one thing we can be positive about is the rise of new K-dramas for this year. Not only we have so many good lineups, but we also have Lee Min-Ho coming back to the spotlight. With that said, here are the latest dramas that can distract you from this season of worry.

Itaewon Class


You might probably recognise Park Seo-Joon from the K-drama called What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Not only did he nailed his previous character, but we get to see him in action in this incredibly popular webtoon turned drama series. His character portrays as a normal individual in Itaewon who’s on the journey to starting up a restaurant with him facing plenty of obstacles along the way.

The World of the Married


This has got to be one of the highest-rated Korean drama in cable tv history. The drama takes place with the main character as a family medicine doctor who is known to be married to an entertainment business owner (secrets wishes to become a movie director). They both have a son together, and as much as it seems like she has everything anyone would want in their lives, no one really can stay happy for too long. She goes through betrayal and heartbreak, and all are caused by the people around her inclusive of her husband.

Crash Landing On You


You might have seen this cute poster in Netflix and kept wondering what could it be. Basically, just like its title, it’s all about this Korean woman who crash lands in North Korea by accident and stumbles down a tree to the arms of the Captain of the Nort Korean Special Police Force. If this was reality, we both know this scene wouldn’t be so romantic and mushy as the show portrays, but oh well, only one can dream. In time, both of them fall in love and they would have to get through obstacles together.

The King


We were so excited when we heard Lee Min-Ho is finally making a come back. In this fantasy romance drama, the handsome heartthrob will be acting beside famous Goblin actress, Kim Go-Eun. The story revolves around an emperor who forms an alliance with a detective from the modern day to help seal a dangerous portal that is connected to both of their worlds.

Kingdom 2


Remember the zombie eating Emperor from the last season? Well, it’s no difference now even with the sequel of Kingdom. It was such a good show that this zombie outbreak series had to make a comeback once more. It’s not just about these hungry, terrifying zombies but it also revolves around certain political issues to bring down the crown prince.

Hi Bye, Mama


Losing a mother as a kid is probably the toughest thing a person could ever have to go through. In this show, Cha Yu-ri is a mother and wife however has died in an unfortunate incident five years ago. Since becoming a spirit, she made her soul’s journey to becoming a human again as she partakes in a reincarnation project that will last for 49 days.

Hospital Playlist


Who doesn’t like a good ol’ hospital drama, am I right? The Hospital Playlist is all about a team of ordinary hospital staff members and patients who face obstacles on a daily basis. Some days it can be good and some days it can be bad. It is basically a story of a world that starts with birth, life and death. The story highlights five best friends who have attended the same medical school and pursue their professional careers together in the same hospital.

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