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#GracePicks: You can now prepare your favourite meals with these cooking kits

by Grace Sundram

The MCO has got us cooking and baking and if you’re one to run out of meal ideas, this article may certainly be just for you. Some popular local eateries are now offering you a chance to whip up their own dishes from the comforts of your own home. So with that said, let’s get to it.



From their popular In-N-Out tribute burger to the vegetarian option of Vivian’s Husband, there’s nothing that mBL can’t do. With their At Home pack, you will be getting, (4) charcoal buns,  (4) 500g beef or marinated chicken thigh patties, (3) sharp cheddar, (3) white cheddar, (20) pickle slices, (20) jalapeno slices, 100g green salsa, 100g red sauce and 100g X sauce. What’s even more exciting is that, with every purchase, you’d get a free pint of Inside Scoop ice cream. The pack costs for RM80 and there are only 30 sets available each day. You can only get it at their Seapark, MyTOWN and Bangar branches.

My Pizza Lab


Craving for pizza but you have no idea where to begin? Well, My Pizza Lab is the solution to your pizza problem. Not only do you get a pizza dough ball, cheese, pizza sauce, flour for dusting and a baking sheet for only RM15. You still can add on toppings for an extra RM2 to RM5 for beef pepperonis, roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted chicken chunks, sliced beef bacon and so much more.



With VCR’s Home Starter Pack, you will be able to make breakfast for your entire family just like how VCR has always spoiled you. Comes in two variants: a basic breakfast pack (serves up to 3 people) and the prime breakfast pack (serves up to 6 people). Each set comes with a sliced sourdough load, frozen chipolata sausages, granola and strawberry coulis with the addition of turkey ham and tomato bean sauce for the prime pack. The basic pack is sold for RM38 whereas the prime pack is RM68.

Mykōri Dessert Cafe

You can never say no to desserts especially when it comes to kakigori. If you have never tried their shaved ice dessert, then this is the time for you to do so. With the Happiness Box, you will get amazing goodies: ice cream, oreo crumbs and biscuits, milo nuggets, caramel popcorn, brownies and so much more. Fill your tummy during this trying times with this cooling dessert.

Pacific Standard Bar


Missing your good ol’ Friday nights with your buddies? Fret not, ’cause you can now learn a new skill besides mastering cooking with this Bartender’s Home Cocktail Kit. It’s easy to just pop a bottle open and enjoy a nice beer but a beverage that is made from you will definitely taste way better, trust us. Each kit comes with a Cosmotopolita; Dirty Martini and Classic Margarita that is more than enough for two people. Also, if you do purchase more than three cocktails, they will throw in an extra treat of a 100g house roasted spiced nuts and polypropylene cocktail shaker.

Pictures by respected restaurants

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