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Here’s some last minute Mother’s Day gift shopping ideas

by Grace Sundram

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and without a doubt, the special occasion is going to be way different in comparison to the previous years. Say goodbye to dining in and welcome the new tradition of the “new normal” of Malaysia, which is staying and ordering in. In a bright side, if you have been abroad studying or working for years now and haven’t had the chance to spend the day with your mum, well you now can. That said, being Malaysians, we tend to wait till the last minute to do things especially when it comes to gift shopping.

Hence why this article is made just for you.

Personalised lipstick from Lips Carpenter


There’s just something about personalised gifts that makes it super special especially during this loving day. You can either choose a lipstick/lip balm shade from Lips Carpenter’s ready-made collection or you can also customise your own for your lovely mum. There are four sets altogether, two specifically for their sustainable tinted/lip balms along with a customised mirror with name engraving. Whereas the other two sets consist of either a ready-made lipstick with a customised mirror or a customised lipstick with name engraving and one free mirror.

Your mother’s favourite flowers and a special gift set from Happy Bunch


Give your mum a surprise with this Beauty Box Luxe set which consist of limited edition fruit mask sheets, body sparkling mist and a skin detoxer rose. You can also add a little something extra with the gift set, which is their Signature Petite-Cherish bouquet. It comes with carnations, baby’s breath, statice and silver leaf.

Pretty daisy roll from Keem Ooi


The way to your mother’s heart is through her tummy, yes we tweaked and we believe it. Our mums have always cooked for us and the way to appreciate that is by giving her a break. Gift her this beautiful deco or batik roll cake that is made by the very talented, self-taught baker, Keem Ooi. It can actually tempt you from not eating it because it looks so pretty. She has a few designs so you might actually have a tough time picking one. Hint: Order them all.

Rose Garden Gift Set from Wunderbath

volvo (1)

Roses are red, violets are blue and just like Wunderbath said it, it is the perfect gift set for someone like your mother. It comes with a beautiful Rose Stalk Bouquet Soap and Love Letter Bath Bomb with dried rose petals that actually has a hidden letter inside. On top of that, the Clean Freak essential oil hand sanitizer and our bestseller Custom Hand Sanitizer marks the whole complete set. Packed in a beautiful vintage wooden box with illuminated twinkly lights, this is one gift you might really want to give your mum this Mother’s Day.

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