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Celebrate the Ramadan month with TikTok this stay at home period

by Grace Sundram

While this year may see a change to our Ramadan tradition of going to bazaars and breaking fast together with our loved ones, it is important for us to remember the blessed month for its spirit of giving back and seeking forgiveness.

Understanding this, TikTok is commemorating the holy month with custom Ramadan-themed initiatives in celebration with Malaysia’s diverse and culturally rich citizens, as well as the ever-supportive online community on TikTok. Here are three ways you can get the Raya spirit up and running!


#RamadanMubarak Banner

Who says Ramadan is ruined just because we can’t go out? Bring Ramadan with you to any room in your home with #RamadanMubarak! Jump on TikTok with #RamadanMubarak wishes and include the hashtag in your video to support those who are fasting.

Despite the MCO, we can still get together digitally to show that we truly care, as these creators have done so themselves in their own unique and quirky way! Remember y’all, stay sanitized and #stayathome this Raya!



As the saying goes, “all that which is good, should be shared with others”. This #KongsiKebaikan initiative embodies the spirit of giving back; be it through a good deed, a chance to teach others something new, or even the joy of sharing food!

There are countless ways for us to contribute good and one of which is to remember our rich history in arts and crafts – though not as modern as the art of creating TikTok videos – they play an integral part in shaping our beloved country’s history and make us uniquely Malaysians.

As such, TikTok is extending its influence of traditional arts by partnering with Kraftangan Malaysia via #KongsiKebaikan to exhibit Malaysian craft designs on the platform; in an effort to further solidify the beauty of Malaysian handicraft in the eyes of the world. The #KongsiKebaikan initiative will also take the form of a friendly competition, where in the spirit of giving, 11 talented winners will be awarded exciting prizes, amounting to RM2,000.00!


#Iftar Banner

The purpose of fasting is to remind us about the importance of our daily sustenance. After a long day’s fast, Muslims gather for #iftar to break the fast by having dinner. This experience seeks to discover a newfound appreciation for our daily necessities such as food and water and to strengthen our spiritual resolve. To usher in the much-anticipated fast-breaking, this initiative encourages TikTok’s global community of participating Muslims to share their Iftar recipes, thereby invoking a sense of appreciation for one’s own culinary delights and new-found ones from all over the world!

While we continue practising social distancing, let this Ramadan period be an opportunity for us to strengthen not only our spiritual selves, but also our relationship with loved ones near and far with the use of intuitive technology, and have a little fun doing it. After all, what is Ramadan without the familiar smiles etched on the faces of people we love and the chorus of laughter filling the air.

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