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Get up close and personal with Raj Mahal on his journey of becoming a content creator

by Grace Sundram

You are already humorous in your own unique way. You don’t have to magically transform yourself into someone else just to be a comedian. Find things that you find funny and share them with the world in a creative way. – Raj Mahal

It’s not easy for any of us to be in the spotlight but somehow it just comes naturally for this talented content creator, Raj Mahal. All it took was a breakup and a knee operation to get him to start making videos online. With that said, Raj shares his journey with us as well as his personal take on mental health.

How it began 


Raj Mahal was only 19 when he first started out making videos on YouTube. Deep down, he always knew that’s what he wanted to do but he just never got to it. “It took a bad breakup and a knee operation which led to a severe case of “monkey-banging-cymbals-on-my-brain” that made me pick up a camera and start making videos.”


Without expecting anything out of it, Raj was contacted by a Youtuber named Vikarworld for the opportunity to be part of  Meeting With Machas. It’s an online talk show that tackles some serious topics ranging from drinking, one night stands, relationships and so on. With each episodes getting a hundred thousand views, this was when Raj’s social media presence rose.


Besides creating videos online, Raj also crafts digital campaigns for clients using his social media platforms whilst having his toes dipped in the event industry as a host and entertainer. He is also currently part of a digital marketing and creative consulting agency called Blankslate as a digital strategist.

The biggest misconception and challenges of being a content creator


Content creators do what they do, all because they have a sense of passion for sharing contentment and joy with people. However, it is a known fact that many have built an idea in their minds that you can’t earn a decent living by being one. Raj’s take on that was, “I know creators that earn 3 month’s worth of salary with one Instagram post. It is a viable job option but if big bucks are something that you’re looking for, my advice is to climb the corporate ladder. This creator’s journey is not an easy one.”

It does seem to us that if you want a dream to work, you got to put the effort into it.


When asked about what he found the most challenging of being in the industry, he shared with us that it was all about the understanding that chasing fame, popularity and money is the easiest way to set yourself up for disappointment.

“It is natural for us as human beings to gravitate towards that because who doesn’t like being accepted, right? If you want to make a living creating content for life, your underlying purpose has to be a bit more substantial than that.”

Besides that, the beauty of being a content creator is that you would meet many people and that’s could be exciting. However, Raj used to be concerned about putting up an “always-happy-and-cheerful” image when he’s in public. Nonetheless, his perspectives eventually changed, “the truth is, everyone goes through rough patches. I am susceptible to anxiety and food poisoning as much as the next person is.”

Inspiration, happiness and definition of success


To be in this line of work, you would have to keep up with the trend and at the same time, keep churning for new creative ideas. Raj told us that he usually gets inspired by the things he comes across on the internet. All he does is tweak it a little with some Raj Mahal masala and that’s how a video of his is made.

With that said, he also looks up to a few creators namely The Ming Thing and their podcast called the Table Talk Podcast as well as Eric Lofstedt and Jeff Yuman from TikTok.

I know at the end of the day, when you create videos that people love, everything else will fall in place.

– Raj Mahal

When it comes to happiness for content creators, it is all about that satisfying feeling knowing people enjoy the content that’s been put out there. For Raj, it’s always that warm feeling of receiving a comment on his Instagram video because he knows that he was able to make someone’s day a little better.

At the same time, he defines success by being able to master himself completely. “The ability to be completely detached from life’s hurdles is the path to true happiness.”

Thoughts on mental health


Although he feels like he isn’t qualified to be speaking about this matter, Raj had his fair share of his tumultuous journey with mental health. That said, he wanted to let people know why is it important for us to acknowledge it.

“Number one, life is suffering. The sooner we accept this, the better. Number two, more people are suffering than you realize. Social media is one of the greatest double-edged swords that has befallen humanity and it has affected our minds very subtly so please use it mindfully. The third thing, don’t be ashamed to talk about it. The notion that mental health is a thing to be ashamed about is an ancient concept. I used to suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and only through being open about what I was experiencing did I actually rein my mind back in control.”

A little advice from Raj Mahal

“Create content for the right reasons. If you’re doing it to gain recognition or to be popular, there are faster, less stressful ways to get there. Also, most importantly, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, don’t do it.”

Don’t forget to check out Raj’s videos on Instagram and TikTok.

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