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Keeping spirits and creativity high during MCO with Aku Takut Rona

by Grace Sundram

With the world coming to a halt, there’s no doubt how people can be so creative during these trying times. Many Malaysians have picked up a new hobby such as cooking, baking, up keeping or starting a fit and healthy lifestyle whereas some are out there to also spread positive vibes through the music itself.

Thrillhoodz Rydahz is a Malaysian Hip-hop duo that recently launched the song Aku Takut Rona. It wasn’t just to pass time but it was also composed so that they were able to emphasize the importance of fighting the novelty COVID-19 virus. Inspired by everyone’s ‘struggles’ of staying at home, the song is also a tribute to all our heroic front-liners who are referred to in the song as our very own Marvel Avengers. Harivarmaa Perumal@ Hust, 31 and Muhammad Shafie Othman@ Young Caddy, 34 have been producing music together since 2015 and aim to make music that relates to everyone as well as to channel positivity. Aku Takut Rona started when Shafie sent an instrumental with a hook out of boredom to Harivarmaa while scrolling through quarantine memes.

Their songs Tell Me Somethin’ and Aku Takut Rona appeal to the younger generation with the objectives of entertaining their fans and getting social messages out to the masses. The ‘Aku Takut Rona’ music video was launched on April 18 via and SpotifyYoutube and was even shared on Facebook and Instagram. Ever since then, it has gotten encouraging engagement in social media platforms. Whereas people at home have even started their own challenges by showing their creativity/talent such as dancing, drawing and even parody while the song played in the background.

Do remember to check out Aku Takut Rona and support local music. For more information contact Harivarmaa aka Hust via thrillhoodzrydahz@gmail.com or 010 2178331.

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