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Get fit by catching these gym instructors live on IG this MCO period

by Grace Sundram

Without a doubt, we Malaysians have been quite drained, both mentally and physically during this quarantine period. Although it may seem like a dream come true to stay home and work, the fact that of not being able to go out is quite unfortunate apparently. Either way, as citizens, we have to do what’s best to flatten the curve and this is it.

That said, to keep yourself hyped up and fit this time around, we have curated a list of fitness trainers that conduct classes via Instagram Live.

Yi Ping Teo


Yi Ping Teo is a trainer at KL’s hottest spinning joint and during this quarantine period, she hosts workout classes for everybody through her personal Instagram account. On top of that, she posts workout videos as well, focusing mainly on how to build abs and butt.



Those who need to amp up on their high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can always check out FlyProject’s live classes. They conduct classes on a daily basis and with no doubt, you will be not dripping but most probably drenched in sweat. Well, you know what the say — if you’re not sweating, it ain’t working.

Motion Lab


Motion Lab’s goal is to help the people out there to move better especially when it comes to their workout sessions. Conducting classes daily from strength101 to animal flow, all you would need is a workout mat, resistance band, yoga block, dumbbells and of course a water bottle.

Tribe Boxing Studio

gym (1)

If you have your gloves with you, then it’s time to slip those on and put on your best Rocky face. The trainers at Tribe Boxing Studios are conducting daily workout sessions that consist of shadow boxing and box + band. They take alternative days to focus on abs and legs just so that you can take a break. Don’t forget your towel and water bottle because you’re going to be sweating a lot, for sure. Tip: this class works well if you have a punching bag but if you don’t, then it is fine as well.

Babel Dance


Get your groove on with the Babel Dance instructors as they will get your hips swaying once you’re tuned in their IG live or YouTube channel. They have daily classes held and it consists of Groove Thang, TikTok Tutorial, Choreography, HIIT workout, BUMMP, Sunday Grooves and so on. Don’t forget to tune in because we are sure that those hips don’t lie.

What can make your workout sessions more interesting?

With all that said though, what’s better than watching a live stream from a phone? Well, the answer to that is watching the class using a projector with the whole wall as your screen. Working out that way could actually brighten up your mood, deepen your sensories and change your whole workout experience.

gym (2)

With the ViewSonic’s M1+ Smart Portable LED Projector, it is not just an ultra-portable WVGA LED projector. In terms of audio quality, it comes with dual Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers, making it probably the most effective projectors out there with crisp and clear sound. It is so lightweight that its compact design can be carried around without any hassle as it only weighs less than a kilogram. Besides WiFi connectivity, you can stream content using a MicroSD card slot, USB Type-A, and USB Type-C connections as well.

gym (4)

Another alternative could be this other lightweight, easy to carry 4K LED Projector which is the ViewSonic X10-4K. One of its main features is to bring the whole cinematic experience to the comforts of your own home. Regardless of the place you choose to watch, the images will remain clear and vivid and it is all because of the 2,400 LED Lumens of brightness, Rec. 709 compatibility, and crisp Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution. Imagine working out and seeing your instructors conducting a class as if they are with you in the room. The best part of this projector is that you can stream your content through WiFi and it also supports the voice control of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Audio-wise, it comes with a built-in Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers whereas the screen sizes can go up to 120”.


To top that off, with any purchase online of ViewSonic products, you would stand a chance to win the Final Fantasy Vll Deluxe Edition worth RM339.

So what are you waiting for? This is probably the perfect opportunity for all gamers.

Pictures by respected gyms and trainers, Electro Deal Pro & Matrix Life

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