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Skin Need is a premium skincare brand that lets you blend products together

by Grace Sundram

Skin Need, a premium skincare brand enters the Malaysia market with a range of skincare products that is suitable for every skin type. The products, which come with customisable formulas will allow users to freely blend and mix them according to their skin types and concerns.


Formulated in California, USA, Skin Need is brought to Malaysia by WellabsSdn. Bhd., the exclusive distributor of the products in Malaysia and consists of over 50 different products which can be mixed, matched and freely blended to cater to the dynamic needs of the skin.

Kelly Ang, Managing Director of WellabsSdn. Bhd. says, “Most of the time, our skin types are pre-determined through our genetics. However, our emotions, lifestyle, the weather, and other variations in the environment can change the condition of our skin from time to time. With Skin Need, people can adjust their skincare products to cater to the changing needs of their skin, allowing them to combat the damaging factors effectively and achieve healthy, glowing skin”.

Skin Love is Self Love


Skincare products usually cater to four main skin types – normal, dry, oily and combination. However, two people with the same skin type might have different concerns they would like to target, such as fine lines and wrinkles, or blackheads and dull skin. “Skin Need’s products are formulated with the same basic principle – for instance, there are toners for every skin type, but you can customise it so that it helps with a specific concern,” adds Kelly.

Skin Need believes in Your Private Formula – its tagline – the reason why its products can be mixed, matched, and freely blended to meet the needs of the skin based on changes in weather, skin condition, and body condition. For example, its Eye Contour Essence with Nano-colloid Vitamin E and Baobab Oil can be blended with the Instant Eye Lift Serum for an instant firming effect, while its Moisturiser series can be blended with the 100% Squalane for an extra boost of hydration and its skin-soothing properties.

The products, which consist of a range of cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serum and sunblocks come with a blending and mixing guide. Skin Need’s products are also 100% vegan, formulated using EWG checked ingredients, and tested for ingredient safety as well as toxicology. Free from parabens, among other harmful ingredients, this ensures that their products are safe and non-damaging on the skin. Packaging components are made of decomposable materials, wherever possible.


“We believe that natural ingredients and nutrients are the most beneficial for our skin. Through the continued advancement of research and scientific advancement in the skincare industry, we have blended the best ingredients together focusing on safety and effectiveness for your skin. Our goal is to help you feel empowered in your own skin as you go about your day,” says Kelly.

Among the key ingredients in Skin Need’s products are Hyaluronic Acid – a unique glycosaminoglycan (GAG) that is responsible for hydrating the skin and maintaining its suppleness. Many of the products also contain Squalane, a naturally occurring substance in the human skin which makes it the best ingredient to fortify one’s skin barrier protection.


On top of that, Skin Need has devised an art of skincare layering to apply skincare layer by layer, from light to rich, to tone, hydrate, activate, moisturise, and UV guard the skin. The result is a comfortable and perfect balance of moisture in the skin, without drying the skin out or weighing the skin down.

The face care line is manufactured in California, USA, in a GMP certified site. To meet the rising market demand in Asia as the formula is specially created for the skin to thrive in subtropical to tropical climates, a cGMP certified site in Hong Kong is under establishment to expand the line to include body care and speciality products. This is also to reduce carbon footprints brought about by logistics without compromising on product safety, efficacy, and quality.


Apart from the home care range, Skin Need also has a range of products especially for professional use namely Skin Need Expert Clinical Series and Build Your Own Beauty (BYOB) and welcomes any beauty salons or medical spas that would like to use Skin Need’s products for their customers.

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