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Behind the scenes of food delivery startup, dahmakan

by Grace Sundram

When it comes to dahmakan’s number one priority, it is definitely the health and safety of its staff and customers. So you don’t have to worry because, with no doubt, all your meals from dahmakan are made in the safest & most hygienic environment.

Sanitisation & Protocols


They maintain the cleanliness of their kitchens and hubs by following the highest standards in sanitation and cleaning protocols.

Health & Safety 


Along with their regular sanitization practice, all of their kitchen and hubs staff go through temperature checks and also use masks and gloves at all times.

World-class Malaysian chefs


All the meals are created by their in-house world-class Malaysian chefs, who have all worked at some of Malaysia’s leading restaurants and hotels.

Best ingredients only


You’ll find a variety of meals on dahmakan as each chef brings something special to the menu.

With that said, don’t forget to check them out if you haven’t yet and tagged them on Instagram.

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