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Perks of having the MCO extended: get your hair cut and laundry done

by Grace Sundram

It definitely is a bummer that the Movement Management Order is extended to April 28. However, this two-week extension comes with a little bit of freedom. Malaysians, it is official — you can finally get out of the house and get a haircut. Say goodbye to the crazy idea of cutting your hair yourself because you can now head down to your go-to barbershop and chop those crazy locks off.

However, regardless of having that little bit of freedom, the government advises both citizens and hairdressers to take preventive measures to ensure no new COVID-19 clusters emerge.

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That said, not only will barbershops be open, but also full-service laundry shops (not laundromats).

In addition to that, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) has allowed several other industries such as machinery and equipment, aerospace and science, professional and technical services, including research and development (R&D) related to legal practice, oil & gas, and activities related COVID-19 to operate during this MCO period.


Companies from the listed sectors can now submit their applications online through the MITI website, starting today. Applications that are completed and comply fully with the terms will be processed.

Pictures by Joe’s Barbershop & Mr Clean

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