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#GracePicks: Local food businesses to support even after the MCO is over

by Grace Sundram

This MCO period can really be stressful especially when it comes to food. It is quite exhausting to keep thinking about what to eat next, or even just to walk into the kitchen to prep things up. Hence why we have curated a list of food businesses you should check out. You might have heard about them or may have not but regardless, it’s always fun to try something new.

Ask For The Bol


Started up by local singer, Bil Musa, these delicious frozen snack brand was launched on April 29th of last year. A crowd’s favourite would definitely be the famous Arancini bol (breaded creamy risotto balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese) and it comes in a pack of 12 for only RM28. All you have to do is deep fry dem bad bois until they turn golden brown, season it with a little bit of salt and it’s ready to be served. You can also opt to try out their Mac & Cheese Meletop for only RM25 a pack.

Asian Rice Pot


If you’re looking for authentic South Indian cuisine around Petaling Jaya, then you certainly should head down to Asian Rice Pot. They are known for their curries and dishes especially the Kashmir Chicken and Mutton. Housed in a 2-story house, on regular days they serve banana leaf rice for lunch, upstairs while their large buffet spread is open all day, downstairs. Remember not to leave without trying their Mango Lassi and Kashmir Mutton, because it is definitely a must-have. The restaurant is still open for deliveries during this MCO period as well as for takeaways.

Batik by Aisyah


Just a college student trying her luck with her love of Kek Batik, Aisyah opened up an IG account for this small business of hers, just a few weeks ago during the MCO period. Since then, she has received tons of orders and even offers delivery around the Klang Valley. Her Kek Batik is not only affordable, 100g for only RM5, it is also made with premium ingredients. If you’d like to try some out, you can place an order through Instagram.

Party Finger Food


This small business offers authentic homemade Portuguese pies with both meat and vegetarian variants. Not just that, we believe their speciality would be their Portuguese Chicken Curry Devil that is sold for only RM20 per tupperware. To place an order, you can check their Instagram out.



At Slyde’s, the only thing you can look forward to is amazing sliders with both meat and vegetarian options provided. What you should try is their Skewered Meat & Nuts, which comes with Satay marinated chicken breasts topped with a cucumber pickled salad and their homemade peanut sauce. As for the vegan option, you can go for the Jack’s Forbidden Fruit.

Eat & Treats Bakery


Ever had unfulfilled cravings this MCO period and you don’t know where to get amazing baked treats from? Or maybe it’s the birthday of a family member and you need a cake for the occasion? Well then, you can check Eat & Treats Bakery out as they are known for their delicious looking cakes and brownies. If that’s not enough, you should try out the people’s favourite: Nasi Lemak cake. They are available at Grab or you can just drop them a text via Whatsapp to place an order.

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