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#GraceReviews: Get your American Tex-Mex cravings fulfilled with Captain Shrimp

by Grace Sundram

This MCO period has certainly got us cravings for all such things. In this case, your resident foodie was craving for some quesadillas and pasta like crazy and that was when I stumbled upon Captain Shrimp, a mini catering service in Petaling Jaya. Thanks to Kishen Sreedharan, they were able to go beyond a normal delivery system by raising the bar in terms of the food ordering timing and customer service. With a menu that is both seasonal and always changing, I have tried some of their dishes and I have to say, they certainly exceeded my expectations in a good way.

Narcos Chicken Tacos


These toasted flour tortillas (RM17.90) were served with grilled chicken breast, taco seasoning, cayenne pepper, hot sauce, onion puree, lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cheese sauce. As much as my partner was looking forward to eating this dish with the classic hardshell tacos, it definitely didn’t disappoint him. Visually, it looked appealing especially with the bright colours popping off the dish. The spiciness offered the dish some height based on his non-vegan taste buds but did find it to be a little underseasoned.

Perhaps, just a few tweaks and this could be an extraordinary dish.

Vegetarian Tacos


It is worth noting that there are vegetarian options on the menu which I personally think is good since I myself, am vegetarian at that very moment (religious reasons). That said, I tried their vegetarian tacos (RM15.90) that came stuffed with fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grilled mushrooms doused with some fresh onion puree and Roma and Cheese sauce. I found the fresh onion puree a little bit overpowering and just like my partner, I was looking forward to having some hard shell tacos. No lie, the limp flour tortilla didn’t really give the dish that particular oomph that I was looking for. And if it was a crisp corn shell instead, perhaps the added texture would be the saviour of the dish. Nevertheless, it was still a viable dish.

Taco verdict: It is edible but they should perhaps give their customers an option to pick out their choice of taco shell for the dish.

Aglio Olio Shiitake Mushroom Pasta


Moving on, as I saw Aglio Olio (RM17.90) on the menu, I got a tad bit excited as this has got to be one of my favourite pasta dishes. Who would have thought that such simple ingredients can leave you feeling pleased. Since I was a vegetarian, Delilah substituted the meat to mushrooms for me instead. The shiitake mushrooms added a nice earthy taste to the dish and I also liked how minimal oil was used. Nothing about the taste was particularly exceptional, in my opinion, but it held up well.

Chicken Parmagiana Pasta


The combination of chicken, sauce and cheese brings something noteworthy to this chicken parmigiana dish (RM19.50). Captain Shrimp’s version of breaded chicken breast is topped with just enough tomato sauce to even out the richness of the chicken and melted cheese. Not just that, the Aglio Olio pasta that comes with it is also delicious in its own way. An overall verdict for this dish would probably be, “it’s a nice hearty meal to have for lunch and I would order it again.”

Quesadillas Mix Cheese


Next up, I went for their cheese quesadilla (RM15.50) that was stuffed with cheese and chopped tomatoes, green pepper & onion. Another vegetarian dish that I tried and I have to say that this is probably my favourite among all. The flour tortilla was grilled with a bit of char on the outside giving the dish a bit of texture it needed alongside the cheesy and delightful ingredients. Besides the cheese, the medley of vegetables gave the dish a nice touch of acidity and crunch making me want more. I would definitely order this again, the next time.

Oreo Madness (8.50)


Last but not least, we had to have desserts and we tried their only one, the Oreo Madness (RM8.50). The best comparison for this dessert would be the Oreo McFlurry. It has a sweet vanilla taste that is quite pleasant to the palate and I personally find the simplicity of this dessert amicable. However, when it starts to melt though, the biscuit pieces tend to clump up and it isn’t as satisfying anymore. So basically, when that happens, pop it back into the freezer for a few minutes and start enjoying it again.

To conclude, my favourite dishes would have to be the Narcos Chicken Tacos, Chicken Parmagiana Pasta,  Quesadillas Mix Cheese and of course, the Oreo Madness. This mini catering company certainly did cater to my cravings and I wouldn’t mind ordering more the next time around.

If you’re hungry and have no idea what to eat, perhaps you can try Captain Shrimp out. All you got to do is drop them a text on Whatsapp to place an order. And what’s more amazing is that they actually do deliveries until 2 am on a daily basis.

Presentation: 3.5/5

Taste: 4/5

Value: 5/5

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