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You can catch up on these viral pandemic movies if you’re bored at home

by Andrea Tay

Not only are we going through a global pandemic, but it is as though we have seen how this situation will end one day. Growing up and watching all these thrilling pandemic films has certainly got us fearing. But that won’t stop us from watching ’em. If you got your popcorn with you, maybe you would like to watch the movies we have listed down for you.



This K-drama was so popular when it first came out in 2019 and because of that, they have just renewed the show for a second season which you can catch up on Netflix. Set in Korea’s Joseon period, it depicts a story of a prince who becomes invested in some political conspiracy. With that said, he goes on a mission to find out more about the spread of a mysterious undead plague that haunts everyone in his kingdom.

Train to Busan 


Another Korean-made movie that has certainly gotten everyone interested. It isn’t a mere zombie movie but also an affection of trust and love within a father and a daughter. Be sure to keep your emotions in check because this is definitely a rollercoaster ride of a movie. To keep things simple without spoiling anything, it is a story about a man and his estranged daughter who got trapped on a train with plenty of other passengers during a zombie outbreak.

I am Legend


This is a post-apocalyptic movie which tells a story about the main protagonist, Neville. He seems to be the last man standing alive on the planet after a virus took out everyone. It was supposed to act as a cure for cancer but instead, the plans got backfired. Neville worked as a virologist back in the US Army and was set out to find a cure for the pandemic.

Bird Box


Bird Box depicts how you can never expect the unexpected. When a mysterious force called The Creatures decimates the population, one thing you should never do is see it with your own eyes. The Creatures takes the form of people’s fears, leading them to suicide. So thrilling, you would wonder how a mother travels with her two children without getting killed.



So real and scary that this movie actually tells a similar story of what we’re going through right now. Concerning a virus that is transmitted by an inanimate object, the CDC works to find a cure. It all starts when someone collapses and dies, leaving the healthcare professionals clueless on the cause of death.



Another movie about an airborne virus that infects everyone immediately. This Korean movie concerns a deadly strain of the virus that is spreading like wildfire. It may sound familiar as one of the characters from the film hid the truth about getting exposed resulting in infecting everyone that he encounters. Later revealed that this virus could actually kill someone within 36 hours after getting infected.


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The movie that made us all keep on our toes as The Judgement Day might be closing in. Although it may not be related to a deadly virus outbreak it certainly tells us how the world will swipe the whole human population out without any warning. This global cataclysm film shows how we should not take anything for granted and treat each day as if it was our last.

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