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Women Ministry MCO advice: Wear makeup while WFH, be ‘manja’ to spouse — speak in Doraemon voice and giggle

by Grace Sundram

If this is their way of pranking us for an April Fools’ joke, boy they got it all wrong. It is bad enough that we are going through a global pandemic with many affected. Not forgetting that the economy might be going into recession as well. But advising women to wear makeup and dress up while working from home? It makes absolute sense why Malaysians are offended and upset.

The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry posted a series of posters on their Facebook page deriving a sexist message to all women.


What was supposed to be a message for women turned out to be this instead? “Avoid wearing house clothes. Dress up, as usual, put on makeup and dress neatly.” This has made many netizens express their opinions via social media calling the message sexist and misogynistic.

They criticised the Ministry for releasing such patronising tips.

This whole debacle of how women should dress, act and say is absolutely appalling. Rather of moving forward, it may feel like we are going back in time.


That is not all though, in another poster, it shows an illustration of a man and woman hanging clothes together with a message saying, “If your spouse does something that you don’t like, don’t nag him. Instead, try to be humorous and say ‘this is how you should hang the clothes, my love (impersonate a Doraemon-like tone and giggle coyly).

One thing about being in the 21st century is that it’s quite proven that the fight for women’s equality and rights is far from over. Irene Fernandez didn’t work so hard to fight for women’s rights in Malaysia just so that women can cajole their spouses with a Doraemon voice.


The poster might state that it takes two to build a happy household, however, the illustrations says otherwise.

The Ministry also advised women in another poster to not ridicule their spouses if they aren’t helping around the house. Ask them for help and keep them “informed,” of their duties, only then they will know what needs to get done.

The fact that the spouse should be “informed” about chores in their own house seems a little ignorant.


Whereas on another poster, it tells us how to avoid any arguments at home between spouses.

“If something offends you, count 1 to 20 before responding (within those 20 seconds, the brain will be able to make rational thoughts and will be calm enough to act upon it).”

There are no words.

If there’s one thing we can learn from this is that we should “count to 20 before making a comment.”

Stay safe people.

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