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Probiotic foods to help you build a strong immune system

by Andrea Tay

In case of a situation like the COVID-19 pandemic where there is no vaccine or cure, it is vital that you have a good immune system and a healthy body in order to fend off any virus or bacteria that may affect your health. Probiotics are like the little assistant to everyone in maintaining and sustaining a stable immune system. These are a form of living micro-organisms that will help strengthen your heart functions, improve your digestive system and is an absolute mood booster. It’s also said it has the ability to boost one’s skin. You don’t need probiotics supplements as you can them from these foods.

Milk Kefir

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The milk kefir is made from kefir grains that contribute to a sour taste in the milk fermentation process. When these grains are added to the milk, not only will it speed up the fermentation process but it’ll also allow the grains to grow. This beverage was first introduced in North Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Russia. To those who have lactose intolerance, this might just be the one milk-like product for you.


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A well-known Korean side dish that is always featured in Korean dramas, making you want to have some too. It usually consists of cabbage as the main ingredient however other alternatives would be radishes, green scallions and so on for variety. To make this dish, all you need to do is add seasonings like red chilli pepper flakes, garlic, ginger, scallion and salt to marinate the vegetables. Kimchi can be considered as a good digestive dish as it contains Lactobacillus kimchi lactic acid bacteria. To those who aren’t used to spices, you can reduce the amount of red chilli pepper powder.


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Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that is slightly alcoholic and often made with black or green tea. It is usually consumed because of its range of potential health benefits. The fermented tea drink could help people with diabetes, improve the digestion system and could help reduce the risk of cancer. Not only is it rich in probiotics but it also consists of antioxidants and healthy bacteria that can help fight off sickness.


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Sauerkraut is a dish consisting of shredded cabbage which has been fermented by lactic acid bacteria. This fermented dish has a sour taste and can last for a long time. The lactic acid ferments the glucose content in the cabbage making it to what it is after. It is considered one of the traditional foods in Europe and is frequently served on top of sausages — giving off a sour and salty taste. Aside from containing a high index of Vitamin B, C and K, the Sauerkraut also provides people with a high content of sodium, iron and manganese. People with poor eyesight can improve their eyesight with this dish too.


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Miso is a type of Japanese seasoning that is made out of fermented soybeans with salt and koji. This fermented paste is usually served as a base for a soup and is commonly eaten for breakfast in Japan. Since it is made from beans, the Miso is packed with protein, fibre, Vitamin K, manganese and also copper. Miso is the number one reason why Japan has the lowest number of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

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