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6 fitness trainers to follow for motivation and serious fitness inspiration

by Grace Sundram

Since we are locked in, there’s no way we can access the gym or train with our fitness coaches. But then again, there’s always technology and there are many fitness trainers online that could help you get in shape during this quarantine season. We have made a list of the trainers that we personally follow and we hope this could help you get in track too.

Kayla Itsines


For the unfamiliar, Kayla Itsines is an Australian trainer and the creator of the popular fitness ebook, Bikini Body Guides (BBG) and workout app, Sweat with Kayla. Her goal is to bring confidence to women all around and with that said, she began her career by training women since the year 2008. The BBG program is perfect for those who have non-flexible working hours. Kayla curates high-intensity workout regimen with minimal equipment hence making it suitable for home training. She posts her workout regime videos regularly on her Instagram featuring different techniques that suit your energy and mood.

Varhoon Vystra 


Varhoon Vystra is a finance student who is passionate about making it big in the fitness and bodybuilding scene. Having that in mind, he did what any fitness buff should do — create a brand, and that’s how Team Vystra came up. Not only is he willing to focus on his physique but he also wants to share his experience and help others achieve their own fitness goals. With Malaysia under a partial lockdown, he has been posting home workout videos on his Instagram that is suitable for everyone. On another note, Varhoon has also participated in the Mortal Battle Multinational PRO/AM competition last year.

Denice Moberg


This popular Swedish fitness model is known for her workout videos and guides that focus mainly on toning and strengthening the body. Denice began her training in the gym with a standard routine however as time goes by, she got more familiar with her physique and just went with the flow instead. One of her popular regimes would be the glute workout and like always, before you start getting into it  — always do the warm-up part first. As she shares her workout regimes religiously on her Instagram, you are certainly going to get hooked with motivation. With a rigorous training routine and balanced diet, she was able to achieve what she aimed for — a sculpted physique that she’s proud of.

Danielle Robertson


Danielle Robertson is the definition of beauty with brains as she’s not just a fitness model and personal trainer but she’s also passionate in law. Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, Danielle has always been an active individual as she was a national track and field athlete when she was only a teen. With a background in sports, she has managed to achieve a strong and fit body. She constantly shares her workout videos on Instagram and one thing she utilises most is multi-joint movements. Not just that, she also has her own activewear line called DB Active.

Joanna Soh


Local fitness guru, Joanna Soh is said to be Malaysia’s version of Kayla Itsines. She’s a certified personal trainer and creator of the fitness app, Fio. Joanna is also known to be the first Malaysian woman to receive the YouTube Gold Play Button Award with over 400 videos on the platform. With over 10 years of fitness experience under her belt, she is passionate to help women from all around to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you’re looking for the perfect virtual coach, she is certainly the right one for you.

Mary Helen Bowers


If you ever happen to get bored with your regular workout regime or would like to try something new, you can always check Mary Helen Bowers out. She’s a professional ballerina who has been with the New York City Ballet for a decade and is the founder of Ballet Beautiful. Mary’s regime is inspired by a dancer’s daily training hence consisting of ballet-inspired workouts that can be done at any time and anywhere with no experience required.

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