Home Highlight PUBG MOBILE is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with local comedian, Gajen Nad

PUBG MOBILE is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with local comedian, Gajen Nad

by Grace Sundram

In conjunction with its 2nd Anniversary celebrations, PUBG Mobile has teamed up with local stand-up comedian Gajen Nad to share three reasons why he loves the game.

For the unfamiliar, Gajen is widely known as Malaysia’s first Chinese-Indian (Chindian) stand-up comedian, as well as for his “clean act” – he is known not to use any vulgarity, religious content or sexual content while telling jokes. He has been practising stand-up comedy for seven years. A mechanical engineering graduate, he left his job at a locally-based American firm in mid-2018 to join the world of comedy full-time. 

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As for PUBG Mobile, this battle royale phenomenon has brought excitement in the world of interactive entertainment since 2017. Up to 100 players plunge in parachutes to remote islands to battle in the winner-takes-all fight. Players also have to find and search for their weapons, vehicles, and supplies, and defeat every player on the battlefield. Not only that, but players will also be spoiled with rich and tactical visuals, and then players will be forced to enter the game zone which is getting narrower.

Watch the video below, as funnyman Gajen uses his hilarious comedic antics to discuss PUBG Mobile as a game you can play anywhere; allows you to spend more time with friends; and allows you to get to know the world. Joining him in the video is fellow stand-up comedian, Brian Tan.

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