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3i Inc. Helps Facility Managers to Remotely Manage their Assets and Collaborate in 3D

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SAN JOSE, Calif., March 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 3i Inc., a member company of the Born2Global Centre, is collaborating with major global partners to introduce a new paradigm for facility management. In 2019, 3i Inc. partook in NTT Communications Open Innovation Program and won First prize for Best collaboration project. The program was followed by a successful PoC with NTT Communications. In 2020, 3i Inc. is joining the ranks of the cohort program launched by SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo, an acceleration program hosted by SAP, the world’s largest ERP software company.

3D Intelligence solution to manage your facilities remotely
3D Intelligence solution to manage your facilities remotely

Keeping business continuity in facility management

3i Inc. is a US startup that developed a new solution 3i INSITE, a next-generation platform for facility management using XR and AI-powered technologies. 3i INSITE digitizes indoor space in 3D to assist on-site survey, remote inspections and field operations as well as facilitate remote team collaboration.

For instance, 3i Inc. proposes major industrial players to implement disruptive solutions for remote collaboration such as 3i INSITE. Indeed, by using 3i INSITE, facility managers are able to bridge the gap between off-site and on-site teams. Without interrupting work or delaying field surveys, inspections can be done remotely by navigating the building 3D indoor view.

Focused on documentation and collaboration, 3i INSITE is a tool to gather field data, structure documentation and share projects, from anywhere in the world, with anybody. 

A revolutionary solution to manage your facilities and collaborate remotely

3i INSITE App: The dedicated app quickly captures indoor space, creating a digital twin of your facilities to enable cost reduction for on-site surveys.

3i INSITE Web: Collect information on a centralized platform and enable visual collaboration between team members.

3i INSITE solves problems in the facility management area by collecting, archiving, and visualizing spatial data.


  • Avoid travel
  • No overlap
  • Quick & DIY


  • 3D Visual
  • Contextual
  • Interactive


  • Automatic
  • Accessible
  • Centralized

Recently, 3i Inc. won the first prize “NTT COMMUNICATIONS OPEN INNOVATION PROGRAM” for best Collaboration Project. Also, to scale its solution to the need of major industrial players in Japan, 3i Inc. has been selected as a partner of the SAP Japan’s acceleration program “SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo” for the first half of the 2020.

“We are excited to take part in the next SAP cohort program that is going to take place in Tokyo over the next months. 3i Inc. welcomes the opportunity to learn greatly from the business know-how that SAP has cultivated over the years. We believe that our solution brings a solution to modern challenges that our society is facing right now, such as social distancing due to coronavirus, but also declining workforce and transitioning from individual data overload to collective intelligence,” said Ken Kim, CEO of 3i Inc.

About 3i Inc.

The 3D Intelligence Company – Indoor spatial 3D mapping for collaboration & documentation.

3i Inc. (www.3i.ai) launched 3i INSITE, is the easiest way to digitize your workplaces at speed and scale. We bridge the gap between on-site and off-site stakeholders to help them perform site survey, field documentation and maintenance operations. By creating a digital twin of your facilities, we provide your teams with the most intuitive and natural way of organizing and visualizing information, as well as understanding and sharing projects and ideas. With 3i INSITE, your team can collaborate remotely in 3D and avoid unnecessary on-site travels, do-overs and miscommunications.

3i INSITE made space digitization accessible for large facilities and construction sites, even in rugged conditions and remote areas. We use portable devices to capture and document your workplaces in 3D. We focus on user experience to lower adoption barriers and provide instant results.

About Born2Global Centre

Born2Global Centre (www.born2global.com) is a full-cycle service platform for global expansion. Since inception in 2013, Born2Global has been setting the standard for successful startup ecosystem as the main government agency under the Ministry of Science and ICT. Born2Global has expanded and transformed startups to be engaged, equipped and be connected with the global market.

Media Contact

3i Inc.: Antoine Gronier. antoine.gronier@3i.ai  
Born2Global Centre: Jina Lee, jlee@born2global.com  

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