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What should you do in the midst of chaos?

by Andrea Tay

With all sorts of things happening around us, it’s difficult to keep calm and pretend as if everything will be okay. There is a possibility that we tend to freak out more is because we care and as for the others, they just can’t seem to be bothered enough and that’s alright too. Take it as a coping mechanism. However, perhaps some of these tips can help calm down our nerves during these trying times.

Understand and accept the process 


There is a start to every incident, so pretty sure there is also an ending to it. Even when it might look like there is no breakthrough to the darkness you are seeing now. There might be different approaches on how people react to these changes hence why it is important to know the four-step method.

The reason we are in so much of agony when we’re hit with a disaster, it’s because we are in complete denial to face the facts. It is as if we are already getting drown in the strong current, yet we are draining the last of our energy by swimming against it.


According to Master Shen Yen of Dharma Drum Mountain, the four steps for handling a problem could be a great solution which is to:

  • Face it
  • Accept it
  • Deal with it
  • Let go of it

By facing the problem, we would be able to get to the root of the problem. With that, we will be able to accept reality and understand the fact that we have no power in our hands to do anything. Only for having the power and control over our emotions, thoughts and attitude. So with that said, once you have dealt with the situation, only then you will be able to let go.

Work out for release


When we just can’t find the right way to release our bottled up emotions, then working out is probably the best solution. There are quite a number of studies which show that exercising is able to improve our mood and prevents us from getting depression or anxiety.

For example, with the lockdown in order, there are many fitness trainers and gyms that are conducting free classes via IG. So perhaps we can do some yoga to meditate our mind and soul then, later on, do some simple HIIT workout. Consequently, the level of dopamine and endorphins in our body will increase which will significantly boost up our mood. Working out can really act as a good distraction from whatever negative thoughts that are going through our minds right now.

Let your sound be heard


We should not allow ourselves to bottle up our opinions and thoughts during a time like this. Instead, project those thoughts into sound by allowing it to flow naturally through us. There are two ways to do so:

  • Self conversation

This is incredibly important because most of the time we will tend to let other sounds from the outside world to drown out our inner voice when it might just be our most truthful thoughts. The perfect time to do this is when we’re getting ready for sleep. At that moment, our thoughts would descend freely and we’d be able to reflect on our own reactions and emotions about a certain situation.

  • Share feelings to a trusted one

We all have that one go-to person in our lives when it comes to sharing problems. It could either be a close friend, a family member or if you have one, a therapist. By doing so it means, it could help ourselves relieve some burdens that we might have unconsciously carried around.

Pictures by Engin Akyurt, Kiki Vega, Rebe Pascual, Vital Sinkevich & Joanna Nix

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