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Malaysians stay calm, Gardenia is getting the bread but only buy what you need

by Grace Sundram

There is no doubt that Malaysians do love their bread. Especially when it comes to a household name like Gardenia. However, with the increase of deaths in the country, we think the least of our concerns right now is actually bread.

Citizens should stop panic buying and in that way, everyone will be able to tick off their grocery list. Plus, we pretty much wonder if you all will be able to finish a loaf within a day or two knowing the expiry dates lasts for only 5 days.

Many Malaysians took their frustrations online by expressing how difficult was it to find bread.

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 9.51.39 AM

And even one of the users tweeted that everyone is willing to risk their lives just to find this bread.


Gardenia Bakeries KL even posted a statement on their Facebook page on the 23rd of March, that is now deleted, stating that their production lines are at full capacity and won’t be able to keep up with the demands.



The bread company are trying their best to increase production however it is best if everybody remains calm and only buys what is necessary instead of hoarding loaves of bread at home.


On another statement that was released yesterday, Gardenia explained that they will be producing and delivering the bread and snacks, every day during this Movement Control Order period.

So Malaysians, there is nothing to worry about because we still got that bread. Just buy what you need and stop panicking. We will fight this.

Till then, stay safe and wash your hands.

Pictures by @hasriq_latif, @mfazlisaimon & @boss_pud117_legacy 

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