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Live Video App Ablo Sees Surge in Users and Conversations Amid COVID-19 Lockdowns

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20% Increase in Users & 50% More Messages in Countries with Quarantines

GHENT, Belgium, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As millions find themselves under lockdown, live video chat app Ablo is uniquely positioned to connect users across borders and languages over their shared experiences amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Ablo has seen an increase in users of 20% and messages on its platform increase by 50% as social isolation measures have been imposed in various countries.

Ablo helps people stay connected and make friends around the world.
Ablo helps people stay connected and make friends around the world.

Ablo launched in early 2019 and enables people to start conversations, share their stories and make new friends across the globe. Since messages and video calls on the app are automatically translated in real time, users can have one-on-one conversations with anyone, in any language. Ablo has quickly grown in popularity – last year Google named it a “Best App” of 2019, citing its mission of creating unlikely connections and its encouragement to learn about different cultures.

While trending topics on Ablo have historically centered around daily routines, the coronavirus pandemic and social isolation measures have overtaken recent conversations. The app has allowed users in various parts of the world to connect over what they’re experiencing on the ground and how they are coping with quarantines. Ablo sees the number of active users per country following the lockdown wave across the globe. Since the Hubei lockdown on January 23, the number of messages sent has jumped by 120%. Right after Italy’s lockdown, the number of sent messages out of Italy increased by 41% and since Spain is in lockdown, Spanish people have sent 31% more messages to people worldwide.

“Ablo was already helping users around the world make friends across borders. In these days of physical distancing, we realize how important it is to stay socially connected,” said Ablo CEO Joost Roelandts. “With Ablo, we will continue to empower our community to keep exploring the world and connect through these shared experiences and events.”

About Ablo

Named by Google as a Best App of 2019, Ablo is on a mission to create unique connections and encourage learning about other cultures, customs, food and music. Talk with your international friends in your own language and the app will automatically translate. With Ablo, you speak every language. The app has been downloaded over 7 million times in more than 180 countries since its launch in 2019 and is creating over 50,000 friendships every day. Download Ablo for free on iOS, Android & Huawei. Discover more at https://ablo.to/live or download the app on https://ablo.to/download

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