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Gold Coast Piazza goes Hand in Hand with the FSES, ‘Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement’ Handing Love to the Seniors

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HONG KONG, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — With the COVID-19 outbreak continues, the purchase of daily necessities were made difficult and the daily lives of Hong Kong elder citizens were immensely affected. Seeing to this, Gold Coast Piazza and the FSES ‘Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement’ curated a goodie bag for the elderlies in Tuen Mun district, sending warm blessings and love. All products inside the goodie bag were carefully selected, all were specially chosen for the elderlies.

Products for goodie bag
Products for goodie bag

The goodie bags include set of vacuum handle mug and pu erh tea; a health combo with canola oil and organic red rice. The bag also includes seniors’ favorite – products of Chinese medicine and plasters. Other than that, instant soup and tea, warm Ning Bo Tong Yuen dessert, adding a hand sanitizer on top can surely bring some warmth for our elderly friends.

Thanks to the support from generous brands, including:

Siu Ning Bo

Siu Ning Bo Sesame Tong Yuen

Made with vegetable oil, production process is closely monitored to ensure hygienic product. It is well-known around the with a reputation of 60 years.


Vacuum handle mug 500ml

Keep warm and cold. No BPA, non-slip bottom silicon base can avoid slippery and scratch.

Yu Tea House

Yu Tea House Pu Erh Tea

From Yunnan, China. This puerh is expertly crafted by the hands of experienced tea masters using the spring flush from Xishuangbanna of the Yunnan Province as the the main ingredient.


SIU Red Rice

SIU VISION is a Social Enterprise that promotes high quality healthy food complies with Fair Trade and Ecological Conservation.

Original Taste Workshop

Original Taste Vouchers

Nourishing soup made with 100% raw materials, no MSG, no chicken powder, no original taste, can be redeemed at 15 branches in Hong Kong.

Bossi Tea

Bossi Tea (watermelon flavor)

Low sugar, antioxidant, caffeine-free, artificial color, juice-free, USDA certified organic.


BETADINE Natural Defense Foaming Hand wash

Free from 8 undesirable chemicals, dermatologists tested, and eliminates 99.99% of germs for daily protection.

Nutriworks Flexi-Patch

Made of a fine pulverized form of purified Mandarin Wood Vinegar, nano-tourmaline and green tea. These patches may support healthy circulation and as a consequence promote cleansing internally through normal body channels.

Agent of Change

Agent of Change Canola oil

Made in Hong Kong, No additives, no pigment, definite healthy choice.

Ling Nam Medicine Factory

Ling Nam Ultra Balm Patch

Ling Nam Ultra Balm

Ling Nam Nutmeg Balm

Mau Lung Minjak Gosok Oil

Along the long history, Ling Nam Medicine Factory manufactures products of Chinese Medicines with the genuine spirit.

About TECM

Sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau, Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement is organized by Fullness Social Enterprises Society and it will be entering its 9th anniversary in 2020. TECM gathers over 200 social enterprises, covering 5 different areas including eating, playing, buying, and individual and corporation service. Myriads of promotion events will be held. TECM will reinforce the cooperation between business and social parties, with an aim to foster stronger and more intimate bonding between social enterprises and organizations in all fields. Diverse workshops, training programs, and matching platforms will be continuously held, through which social enterprises may have more opportunities to develop their business. Simultaneously, business parties can leverage resources more effectively and give their best back to society.

For more information: www.tecm.hk/ or
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TitheEthicalConsumptionMovement/

About Hong Kong Gold Coast and Gold Coast Piazza

Located at the waterfront of Castle Peak Bay, Hong Kong Gold Coast is an easily accessible yet idyllic seaside destination merely 30 minutes’ drive from the hustles and bustles of the city and the airport featuring a resort hotel, a premier private yacht and country club, a superb collection of luxury sea-view apartments and villas, and an exciting outdoor shopping mall.

As part of the Gold Coast resort destination, Gold Coast Piazza is a scenic, European-style dining, entertainment and shopping mall in an open-air, pedestrian-friendly setting.  Its romantic Mediterranean architecture and ambience is complemented by a terrace garden, waterfront promenade and the yacht marina, while a festive spirit pervades the piazza year-round with seasonal decor, activities and performances.

For more information: www.goldcoastpiazza.com.hk or
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/GoldCoastPiazza

Photo – https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20200325/2760485-1?lang=0

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