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Innovative & Intelligence Logistic Platform – Zeek, Moves ahead to lifestyle sector with “2-hour” and “4-hour” delivery services

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HONG KONG, March 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Zeek, an innovative & smart last-mile logistic platform, was established and managed by Kin Shun Information Technology Limited (“Kin Shun”) and was officially launched to the market in 2019. Kin Shun is a technology enterprise found in 2017 providing crowdsourcing delivery, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business solutions and last-mile delivery for international food and beverage brands, fast-moving consumer goods, lifestyle services and e-commerce platforms. With its operational experience and expertise in leveraging big data, Kin Shun has been growing with flying speed.

(From Left) Zeek CTO Cliff Tse, Zeek CEO KK Chiu & Zeek COO Vincent Fan
(From Left) Zeek CTO Cliff Tse, Zeek CEO KK Chiu & Zeek COO Vincent Fan

To help clients cope with the changing market and address their diversified business needs, the intelligent logistic platform, Zeek was launched with a full spectrum of delivery services and tailored business solutions. ZeekDash and Zeek2Door provide instant and same-day delivery services to individuals and e-commerce clients while ZeekSolutions and ZeekEnterprises offer one-stop total solution with SaaS application, third-partner proposal and online-to-offline (O2O) business solution for enterprises from food ordering platforms to small and mediums-sized restaurants.  

Zeek is now the strategic delivery partner of major global corporations including McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks and Decathlon, who are adopting Zeek’s holistic business solutions to enhance their businesses. The platform is looking forward to collaborating with more international brands in the coming future. Based on the business model of Hong Kong, Zeek has applied its platform technologies and operational expertise in other logistic markets. The platform has already extended its business reach to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, and is planning to set foot in Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Zeek’s delivery solutions cater exclusively to the local economy to cope with the uptick in last-mile delivery logistics for take-away food, lifestyle products and parcel.

Diversified Delivery Services for E-commerce and Take-away Businesses

Thanks to the tremendous growth of e-commerce and online food ordering business, there has been a surging demand for last-mile delivery service in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia in recent years. By 2022, the average daily take-away orders is estimated at 6.7 million, and the turnover of delivery business from e-commerce and lifestyle sector is projected to reach US$1.8 billion on an annual basis. In addition to the market growth, recent changes in Hong Kong market environment have transformed both consumption pattern and business eco-system, hence the boost of delivery orders. Zeek has reacted promptly to the changes and has recorded significant MoM increase of take-away orders in Jan and Feb at 100%; significant growth is sure to come.

Aiming right and acting fast, Zeek has launched diversified services: ZeekDash, Zeek2Door, ZeekSolutions and ZeekEnterprises, which serve various clients ranging from restaurants to retails, offering high-quality delivery services to individual, business, e-commerce and enterprise clients.

ZeekDash: Provides “2-hour” and “4-hour” point-to-point instant delivery. They are the perfect delivery solutions to fresh food and products such as cakes and flowers, as well as fragile goods for the quality of food/products are guaranteed upon delivery. The hassle-free delivery services manage to lower business cost and put both buyers and sellers’ minds at ease with simple ordering steps and convenient tracking system. The services are also available on mobile app for business and individual users with a variety of product reach, service applications and user experiences.

Zeek2Door: Provides API integration and devises customized solutions for e-commerce clients. Breaking from the traditional model, this point-to-point, one-stop logistic solution makes immediate delivery upon purchase a usual. The delivery service covers lifestyle products of different weights, sizes and types, creating a win-win situation for both business owners and end-users.

ZeekSolutions & ZeekEnterprises: Provide one-stop solution armed with SaaS application and third-partner proposal for gourmet platforms and small and medium-sized restaurants. It saves business owners the development time and cost by integrating value chains in food delivery business including online ordering, POS operations, order dispatch, delivery and operational monitoring. Its tailored O2O business solutions consolidates online and offline business processes to enhance delivery quality and smoothen operation.

Evolved and Stable Logistic Platform with Powerful Delivery Force

Being an innovative, intelligent logistic platform, Zeek’s delivery services are equipped with professional IT excellency. The platform is developed with advanced API (Application Programming Interface) technologies and delivery system reinforced with routing algorithm, big data analytics and cloud computing to offer professional and stable delivery solutions. In addition to its sound platform, Zeek is backed by a massive delivery force, composed by walkers, riders, vans and trucks to attend to different delivery needs. There are over 10,000 registered delivery crew members at present. Zeek will continue to empower its delivery force by recruiting more talents and vehicle teams to provide superior, more than stable delivery services to end-users.

Zeek will continue to empower its delivery force by recruiting more talents and vehicle teams to provide superior and armed with holistic business solution & expertise, assisting corporate client to capture Southeast Asia market.
Zeek will continue to empower its delivery force by recruiting more talents and vehicle teams to provide superior and armed with holistic business solution & expertise, assisting corporate client to capture Southeast Asia market.

Looking to List in HK within Five Years

The launch of Zeek is Kin Shun’s maneuver to advance the enterprise’ logistic intelligence to expand its market presence. Performance has always been its pride: Kin Shun has handled a total of over five million delivery orders since established and the revenue generated from e-commerce, lifestyle sector and take-away deliveries has exceeded US$30 million. For 2020, the revenue is projected to reach US$100 million, and the total delivery orders are expected to rise to 15 million, a growth jump of 264% from 2019. Growing with such flying colours, Kin Shun targets to list in Hong Kong within five years.

KK Chiu, Chief Executive Officer of Zeek looks forward to the promising future of the company. “Zeek has seized timely the business opportunities emerged from the growing demand for lifestyle products and take-away deliveries. Last-mile delivery and O2O immediate delivery solutions will continue to be our strong core business, enabling us to provide quality and comprehensive delivery services to different industries,” said Chiu. “We will accelerate business development in Southeast Asia. Our goal is to become the leading technology enterprise and list in Hong Kong within five years.”

Vincent Fan, Chief Operations Officer of Zeek said, “I’m confident that our holistic business solutions and exclusive SaaS intelligent logistic model will attract collaboration with more international brands. It will certainly bring new momentum to the logistic market of Southeast Asia.”

Cliff Tse, Chief Technology Officer of Zeek explained the company’s vision, “City dwellers are having assorted needs for a smart city. Our R&D team has been endeavouring to the development of smart delivery options for lifestyle goods to offer swift service experience to both buyers and sellers. We never stop embracing technology into our daily life.”

About Kin Shun Information Technology Limited

Kin Shun Information Technology Limited was established in 2019. Soon after its founding, the technology enterprise launched Zeek in October, an innovative intelligent logistic platform to capture the growing market of local deliveries. Equipped with artificial intelligence, logistic technology excellency, big data analytics and operating expertise, Zeek is the best delivery partner for individual, business, and e-commerce clients as well as upscale enterprises, offering diversified courier services from door-to-door delivery of lifestyle products to holistic, tailored business solutions for express and freight deliveries.

Website: https://www.zeek.one/
Zeek Mobile App: http://onelink.to/t9bamm
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ZeekHongKong/
Email: general@zeek.one

High Resolution Photo: https://bit.ly/3aBplsD

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Photo – https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20200323/2758191-1-b?lang=0

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