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5 movies that you can binge watch this quarantine season

by Andrea Tay

With all this global pandemic going on, we are advised to stay at home. Not just us but many have been going through a tough patch of getting used to this partial lockdown and it’s getting boring. Although there have been plenty of trendy moments going out since the first day. But let’s just say, picking up a new habit has been quite a bore for now. That said, we reckon for you all to binge watch some classic movies during this period of lockdown.

Home Alone 1 & 2 

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Nothing beats watching an ol’ classic film. Although it is made for Christmas, it doesn’t really matter since poor Kevin is all alone at home, bored. Not more than 9 years old yet, but this young boy has been able to fend off thieves from entering his home. Like many, being home alone is more of privilege but to do so, protection is very important.

Harry Potter series

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This legendary film-series will never be able to set our hearts apart, no matter how young or old. Written by the talented JK. Rowlings, this film tells the adventurous stories of Harry Potter and his friends living in a world of magical beings and spells. Plus not to forget, defeating the wicked Lord Voldemort. You would get to see trio grow up into matured adults in each film and how friendship is quite important for an individual.

Little Women

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Little Women is an American coming-of-age drama film which tells the tale of sisters from the March family. With different characters and thoughts, these sisters support each other through their journey of growing up by discovering their life goals and dreams. As the setting is still set in the older days of America, many still held the perceptions of ladies to get married at a young age while not having to pursue such high goals.

Toy Story films

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This animation film tells us the story of how toys do have a life and emotions as well. The favourite duo, Woody and Buzz Lightyear have gone through so much since the first film by showing us that you can always achieve something by never giving up. They have been saving other toys, looking out for each other and showing the importance of family and friendship all together. Known as a very heartwarming story, there’s no doubt it will actually put people into tears.


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This award-winning film has been the talk of the town especially when it won the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and also Best International Feature Film at the Oscars. It tells the story of the Kim family who faces a serious financial problem. Starting when the son manages to get a job as a private tutor for a rich family. As time goes by, everyone from the family manages to snag a job in the same household until the lies become unstoppable and uncontrollable.

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