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Tips on how to work from home effectively without bumming around

by Grace Sundram

Since the Restriction of Movement Order was announced, many companies have implemented the working from home routine. As for some who aren’t used to doing it, it can be quite distracting. Especially with having your family members around, your pets, the television, Netflix and the most distracting thing to have at this moment — your bed. To help all of you to keep yourself in track with work and be productive, we have come up with tips for you to stop bumming around the house.

Your bed is not your workstation


First things first, the idea of working in bed is definitely tempting and comfortable. However, it is impossible to get any work done because you might just fall asleep without being able to complete any of your daily work tasks. Hence why it is absolutely important to have your workstation and bed separate. The bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing place for you to go to when you need a break from work temporarily, not permanently.


It is much more advisable to set up your workstation somewhere else in the house. Set up your things and get your work done possibly at the dining table or you could maybe even bring the desk from your room out to the living room (or somewhere that doesn’t disrupt movement) and work comfortably without the worry of snoozing off at any moment.

Plan all the things you need to get done for work


Before starting your day, it is essential to write down your plans and tasks for the day. With that, you might be able to keep track of your progress from morning to evening. Try getting the difficult tasks completed first before hopping to the easier ones so that you won’t get distracted or bored midway.

It is known that an individual would be more productive later in the day once they have the heavy tasks out of the way.

Do not succumb yourself to the pressures of social media


Social distancing can be difficult but with that said, you’re most likely prone to be much more active on social media. Of course, there is no harm to get on Instagram or Facebook to let loose a bit during the day. However, constantly updating your stories and checking what other people are up to can be a major distraction and might lead you to not completing your work.

A few minutes can lead to hours and the next thing you know, the day is over and your Instagram is filled with photos of you “working.”

Seek ways to fulfil social needs


If you live alone, then the only way for you to socialise with the outside world is through social media. You can always FaceTime your friends or family between breaks just to keep yourself sane during this quarantine period. However, if the RMO does extend, we have no other choice but to agree on how difficult and depressing it can be. Introverts would probably be screaming in the inside as it is their time to shine but for others, they’ll be dreading to go out.

An idea though, if that really happens, all you need to do is start your own concert. Go out to the balcony and start singing at the top of your lungs until someone joins you for a duet or with a beat.

Learn how to make good coffee and scones


We have only been indoors for the past six days and in the result of that, many have become their own baristas, bakers and chefs. This is the right way of picking up a new hobby especially when you are bored to death. Imagine, instead of spending RM15 or more on coffee, you can actually make one yourself. All thanks to social media.

What you need to make the perfect Dalgona coffee is sugar, instant coffee powder, hot water, milk and ice cubes.

First, you would need to add in sugar, coffee powder and hot water together in a bowl.

Whisk the mixture until it turns to a thick, golden brown consistency.

In a glass, add the ice cubes and milk topping it off with the mixture.

And there you have it, the perfect Dalgona coffee, made by yours truly.

It started with coffee, but we also observed people making scones now. Why not right?

Eat healthily and exercise regularly


Working at home is an easy way of turning you into a couch potato. Besides watching television during your free time, you also tend to eat more. We’re not saying that you could be unhealthy but with all that panic buying snacks you bought, pretty sure it would have been gone by now. So instead of consistently eating instant noodles, rice and canned goods, it is essential to make sure you get enough vitamins from your greens and fruits.

Stock your pantry up with some romaine lettuce, chicken or whatever necessary healthy food to keep you from stepping onto the scale. Plus, a little exercise wouldn’t hurt. After all, you are sitting all day in front of a screen, so a little stretch or quick HIIT workout would actually make you feel much more energized and awake.

Pictures by Daria Shevtsova, Andrew Neel, Plush Design Studio, @eleanorbate, Austin Distel, Cottonbro, Ella Olsson & Arnel Hasanovic

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