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Superstar Rajinikanth goes Into The Wild with Bear Grylls on Discovery Channel

by Grace Sundram

Fresh off featuring Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in the first episode of ‘Man Vs Wild’, Discovery is putting a spotlight on another iconic Indian figure, Rajinikanth. The Indian film actor will star in the first episode of a new format series called ‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’, produced by The Natural Studios and Banijay Asia. The show marks the television debut for Rajinikanth, admiringly addressed as Thailavia, who has gained cult status for being a Humane Superstar – simple, humble, generously loved – and adored by millions for more than four decades. Rajinikanth will join the world’s most recognisable face of survival and outdoor adventure, Bear Grylls.

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‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’ is an innovative format inspired by ‘Man Vs Wild’, one of the most-watched wilderness survival television series in the world. Last year, the ‘Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls & Prime Minister Modi’ episode disrupted the Indian media landscape, establishing itself as the television event of the year. Beyond India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bear Grylls has also hosted prominent celebrities in the past such as then sitting American President Barack Obama, Kate Winslet, Roger Federer, Julia Roberts and many more.

“Into The Wild is a truly unique show – at one level it offers adrenaline-pumping action, while at another, the show lends itself beautifully to driving a specific purpose for the larger good of society. So, when officials from Discovery, a brand globally respected for offering inspiring real-life entertainment, approached me, I agreed to finally make my debut on TV after more than four decades of Cinema. Kavithalayaa, the iconic Production house founded by my guru, K. Balachander also played a significant role,” said Rajinikanth.

“Bear Grylls has tested the survival skills of multiple celebrity guests, pushing them to their limits; I look forward to the survival challenge in the mesmerising wilderness of India.”

When discussing issues close to his heart, such as water conservation, Rajinikanth said, “Every Indian will need to come forward and contribute in conserving water; this war has to be led at all levels including government, community as well as on the individual front. I believe this show on Discovery is a perfect platform to take the message of conserving water to every home across the country.”

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“Our team is all very excited to work closely with Thalaiva! Much more than a cine star, Rajinikanth is a phenomenon who has captivated audiences across the world with his on-screen and off-screen work,” said Bear Grylls. “He has always shown such energy and flair in all he does and he will need that courage and determination again on our journey into the beautiful wilds of India.”

“The combination of Rajinikanth in a never seen before avatar and Bear Grylls’ edge of the seat challenges, will make the show a must-watch for every Indian,” said, Megha Tata, Managing Director – South Asia, Discovery. “We have decided to give a layer of purpose to each episode of the newly commissioned series, ‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’, as we aim to contribute to humanity in our unique way. Last year, the show featuring Prime Minister Modi generated much-desired attention on conservation of Wildlife; we are confident that the forthcoming episode featuring Rajinikanth will sensitise each one of us about conservation of water.”

‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’ is produced for Discovery Communications India by The Natural Studios and Banijay Asia, where Bear Grylls, Delbert Shoopman and Deepak Dhar are Executive Producers

‘Into The Wild with Bear Grylls’ will premiere on Discovery Channel [Astro Channel 551/571 (HD)] on Monday, 23rd March at 10.50 pm.

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