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Get your groceries online and have it delivered to you during the RMO

by Andrea Tay

If you did not manage to stock up your supplies before the Movement Control Order was implemented, there is no need to go paranoid about going hungry for the rest of your lives. Although the restriction of going to the grocery store or supermarket isn’t much harm, we do still think that we should just settle for online shopping and food delivery instead.

We have made you a list of online grocery stores that will help deliver your goods straight to your doorstep.

Tesco Online

Untitled design (85)Your friendly neighbourhood hypermarket is available for delivering your groceries to your door. Even before the movement, Tesco has been providing this online grocery shopping and door-to-door delivery service for a while. Its delivery service areas don’t just cover the Klang Valley area but it is also available right up to Johor Bahru, Penang, Seremban, Ipoh and even Melaka. Since we are at a crucial stage right now, the site will be busy so do reserve a slot as soon as you can to get those goods delivered to you.

The delivery time slots are available from 10 am to 10 pm. Take note that each order from different residential areas will be charged differently based on the location and the chosen time slot. So one should make sure to avoid peak hours.

Happy Fresh

Untitled design (84)This site has the ability to connect consumers to their nearest supermarkets like Tesco or Village Grocer, or speciality stores like the ones that sell organic food pet necessities. Providing its service across Klang Valley, Penang and Johor, consumers are free to make their orders on whichever day. Though they may start operating from 10 am to 9 pm, it all still depends on the store they are working with.

Consumers will have to spend a minimum of RM50, nevertheless, this amount varies among the stores. The delivery fees start off at RM3, depending on the distance from the store, with RM1 to be added for every extra kilometre. Consumers may choose to pay online or cash upon receiving your delivery but it is for the best for both parties to go with the previous option.

Signature Market

Untitled design (83)Known for its organic products, Signature Market is the optimum choice for those consumers who are searching for high-quality organic food. First-timer consumers can enjoy free delivery for their first order. Also, the store is offering a discount from 20 % to 50 % for all consumers. Signature Market now has more than 500 organic products allowing consumers to make a purchase at the lowest price ever. Normally, stingless bee honey is sold at the price range of RM120 to RM200, but at Signature Market, it is sold for RM99. They also offer the best healthy snacks to accompany consumers during the stay at home period. It is opened 24 hours daily and consumers will be able to get their products within seven to ten days.

Consumers can get their delivery free of charge if they made a purchase up to RM100, or they will just have to pay RM10 for any order.


Untitled design (82)Delivering fresh produce to household goods, and beauty products, this online store is surely one not to be missed. Consumers might be mistaken its service to be only available in KL, PJ, Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya and Puchong, but good news to all. This store is adding its delivery services all over the country. It makes its delivery from 9am to 9pm by selecting any 2 hours time slot. Consumers might have to check out their grocery cart early if they have the intention of receiving it as early as the next day. For different time slots, the delivery fees will be from RM10 to RM15, however to those ordering over RM150, they are entitled to free delivery.

It usually takes up 1 to 5 working days, so be sure to take notice of any delivery company like GDEX or DHL.

Pictures by Redtick, Signature Market, @myvillagegrocer, @elleabdollah, @faizjasmi & PhotoMIX Ltd 

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