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Be aware and get to know what are the symptoms of COVID-19

by Andrea Tay

If you are someone who takes the public transport regularly or has friends who just came back from the overseas and you have just met them, then in this crucial moment of time, there’s a possibility that you might be positive of coronavirus. Either way, even if you don’t have the virus, it is best to keep yourself in solitude for a few days to be safe.

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To be more specific on how the virus is spread, it is usually through contact with an infected person. It also spreads through droplets in the air from coughing and sneezing or just simply touching an infected object or surface. To those who may have no knowledge about this animal-transmitting virus, it is actually similar to the common cold. And with that, most people make the mistake of ignoring it.

One important note is that if an individual has been in contact with the carrier of the virus, there’s a high chance that the individual may be infected. The infected person may be sick for 14 days before even developing any symptoms hence why it is very important to self-quarantined. Most people do recover without any special treatment however it is never wrong to be cautious about things.

After the 14-day period, symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough and difficulty of breathing may occur. Worst come to worst, pneumonia in both lungs.

If you have encountered any of the symptoms even if you only stayed home, it is best for you to get yourself tested out. Rule it out and be sure you’re safe.

Early prevention is better than cure. Instead of just thinking of yourself, be responsible and take care of others.

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