Home Event The Viper King of the Mountain had their first leg of the challenge at Grand Ion Deleman Hotel in Genting

The Viper King of the Mountain had their first leg of the challenge at Grand Ion Deleman Hotel in Genting

by Grace Sundram

Asia’s largest obstacle course running event has had their first leg of the Viper Challenge hosted by NCT Properties Sdn Bhd and its hotels – Grand Ion Delemen, Gloria Residences and G-Luxe by Gloria at Ion Park, Genting Highlands on the 7th and 8th of March 2020. With the Ion Park chosen as a start point for this obstacle challenge, it really fits with the name: Viper King of the Mountain as it has a nice mountain view of the Titiwangsa Range from 6,000 feet above sea level. Plus point, with the virus going on, Genting is probably one place to be with clean and cool mountain air.


For the unfamiliar, this well-known fitness programme has been around for many years and have over 300,000 enthusiasts religiously participating annually for their events. The King of the Mountain had almost 20,000 participants who signed up for the exciting event and even with the virus outbreak, people were persistent and still came for it to challenge themselves as individuals. Thankfully, there were no serious cases especially with the virus going around. Making everything good during the weekend.


However, the weather wasn’t welcoming much with the cold breeze and the heavy downpour making Genting Highlands as cold as 16-17 degrees. Nevertheless that never really stopped the determined participants as they went through the demanding obstacles by pushing their fitness boundaries. In total there were at least twelve unique large-scale man-made obstacles in the parameter of a seven kilometres course. Participants would have to battle their inner demons by overcoming their fears by crawling through mud, going through monkey bars, scaling heights and so on.

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This isn’t a race and there isn’t any trophy waiting at the line, however it is more of a personal goal that an individual is trying to aim for. Regardless, participants will get their collective medal for completing the obstacle courses. Overall there are four challenges throughout the year, Viper King of the Mountain, Viper Urban, Viper Beach and the biggest one ever, Viper Challenge.


The Festival area located directly in front of the hotels Gloria Residences and G-Luxe by Gloria include the registration tent, start and finish lines, medical tent, counter pain storage tent, Lush Protein bars tent, Erprotape tent, hotel tents, food stalls and a picnic area. Remember to collect special discount and complementary items from our sponsored tents and sample the deliciously healthy meals from our food stalls.


Unfortunately with the outbreak, there has been a cancellation of the following Viper Urban that is held at KL Tower. As much as it hurts, it is certainly for the better to contain the spread of the virus. Plus, participants who have already purchased the tickets will be able to collect their t-shirts and medals at the given date and time by the organisers. Till then, be safe and always keep washing your hands.

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