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Attention: there’s a new addition to the SS15 family and it is Tien Tien Yogurt

by Andrea Tay

SS15 is one of the most crowded and hottest places for youngsters. Not only it is a place full of entertainment but it is safe haven for bubble tea lovers as well.  Situated just in Subang Jaya, it sure is a hot place to go if you are trying to get more eatery options to fill up your stomach. But putting aside the cafes and the bubble tea shops, there’s a rise of yoghurt shops around the area as well and we suppose it is time to move on from the boba tea scene as it is the new year after all.

New year new trend maybe?

Every day is yoghurt day


Out of so many yoghurt shops, one particular shop stood out among the rest. Tien Tien Yogurt is an original shop created by two inspiring Malaysians known as Darren and Hoshi. With the cute mascot of a rabbit-like cartoon, Xiao Tian Zai, it is not surprising that the recent soft opening attracted quite a large number of customers. Tien means day in Chinese, Tien Tien means daily. By naming the shop Tien Tien Yogurt, the CEO of the shop hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle to the people by starting to replace your cup of bubble tea with a cup of yoghurt drink.

Do you take it as a beverage or as a meal?

If you are someone who craves to eat and drink the same thing at the same time then we reckon this is your chance to kill two birds with one stone. Patrons will not have to be anxious about the calories when they are consuming this yoghurt beverage as how a healthy diet is what the shop is going for.


When we made our way down to the shop, we realised that the shop provides all three key elements which millennials are looking for: eat, drink and trend. Not surprising, this shop checks all that. In contrast with bubble tea, this yoghurt beverage has a refreshing, creamy and sweet taste. Especially when it comes to slurping down the purple rice topping or any other toppings for that matter.


Aside from the current trend, yoghurt actually plays an important role in our digestive system. Plus what makes it even better than other sugary drinks is that the glucose in the yoghurt is made from natural sugar. We were also told by one of the CEOs that the yoghurt is made in-house so not only it tasted and look good but it will also come with its freshness and health benefits as promised.

Without further or due, we curated a list of the eight beverages we have tried ourselves and recommend you to try it too.

Pumpkin Yogurt with Oat (RM13.50)


If you are not a fan of sweet things, this beverage will be the one to order. Compared with the other flavour options, this Pumpkin Yogurt with Oat stands out as the one with lesser sweetness to it yet refreshing. Taste better with oats as a topping, that’s not the only good outcome of this beverage. Consuming pumpkin can also avoid you from getting heart disease as for the oat, it can help to lower your cholesterol.

Mango Yogurt (RM15.50)


We suggest that when you order this drink, your sugar level option should be either 50% or straight go for zero because mango fruit itself is already sweet in nature. The natural taste of pure yoghurt with the pure sweetness of the mango complement each other, making it one of the best yoghurt beverages we ever had. It works well if you’re one who doesn’t enjoy the taste of pure yoghurt.

Avocado Yogurt with Purple Rice (RM17.50)


This drink sure lives up to its name for being the best drink on the house. For anyone who is following a strict diet, this drink sure is a good choice to keep yourself full while providing you with every nutrient intake you need. With this avocado yoghurt beverage, you can reduce the intake of carbs as this is quite a heavy but healthy beverage.

Strawberry Yogurt with Oat (RM15.50)


Mostly famous in the circle of the female population, this natural tint of pink beverage sure is something not to be missed, especially if you like strawberries. You will be satisfied with the rich taste of the fruit with every sip you take. You even get to taste small chunks of strawberries in the drink.

Dragon Fruit Yogurt (RM16.50)


With a darker shade of pink with the dragon fruit seeds seen, this yoghurt beverage is so thick and luscious in taste that we couldn’t stop taking sips. As the fruit contains a high amount of fibre and magnesium, this is a good choice for those who are trying to keep count of their calorie content. Plus, the seeds of the fruit makes a great addition to texture for the drink.

Red Bean Yogurt with Purple Rice (RM13.50)


Red bean may be too mushy for some, but you can’t disregard their benefits. It doesn’t just help reduce high cholesterol but it also can help you to reduce weight. By consuming red bean, you may no longer need to constantly eat as this beverage is as good as a meal. Also, just like the saying, “if it tastes bad, it must be good for you.”

Passion Fruit Yogurt (RM15.50)


Did you know passion fruit contains a small amount of iron? Not just that, it also gives the body Vitamin C which helps to enhance the chances of your body to absorb more iron. If you can’t take the sour taste, then perhaps you can increase your sugar level. But then again, that is the best part of the passion fruit. This sweet-scented drink is refreshing for a sunny day.

Natural Yogurt (RM12.50)


However, if you want to go for the plain and pure road — you can with their Natural Yoghurt beverage. It has the tangy taste like most yoghurts but that is the healthiest part, ain’t it? If you’d like to add any toppings, it just takes another RM1.

If you feel like drinking this yoghurt drink, yet you don’t like driving all the way to SS15 just for it. Well, you can just order it via Rapicapps and have it sent over to your doorstep just by using this application.

Opening hours: 11.00am – 12.00am

Address: 19, Ground Floor, Jalan SS 15/4, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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