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Are you washing your hands the right way?

by Andrea Tay

With the rise of Coronavirus cases in Malaysia, it is known to be one of the highest affected countries in Southeast Asia. The face masks and hand sanitizers have all run out of stock from every local store and pharmacies making it absolutely scary to move around in public. In order to be protected, one needs to have good personal hygiene. Plus, being responsible by staying indoors if one might is not feeling well.

When it comes to the virus, it is not the end of the world since the virus can only grow in the body of an individual who has not been living a healthy lifestyle. Resulting,  a weak immune system making it an easy hack for the virus. Hence, it is important to take the prevention steps seriously by skipping crowded places during rush hour, covering your nose and mouth when you are coughing or sneezing if you don’t have a mask, and immediately take a shower and change your clothes when you get home. Also, one most crucial step that must be followed is to wash your hands frequently and carry around a hand sanitizer with you.

Fun fact, when it comes to using the sanitizer, do use it moderately as it is type of liquid made to reduce harmfully contagious agents from your hands. It is usually alcohol-based and much more preferably uses during an infectious disease period. Although washing hands, keeping yourself clean is good but too much of something may bring the opposite effects.

Deficiency of moisture

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Interesting fact: According to Piedmont Health, too much of handwashing will make one much more prone to virus infections. This is because washing your hands too frequent with the sanitizer would make your hands lose its needed moisture. If the dryness continues, the hands will crack and bleed giving the virus and bacteria more chances of entering the body. Thus, it is essential for one to apply hand lotion to sustain the moisture on the hands.

Weaker immune system 

Untitled design - 2020-03-09T112443.246Overusing the hand sanitizer will remove the “normal bacteria flora” on the surface of the skin. This “normal bacteria flora” was meant to help one in fighting against pathogenic agents like the norovirus. Despite the hand sanitizer is good in preventing us from getting infected, but too much of it might just be bad as well. Research done by the University of Michigan School of Public Health shows that triclosan disrupts the functions of the immune system in the human body, making one more prone to allergies.

Exposed to chemicals

Untitled design - 2020-03-09T112348.596It is essential to make sure that the hand sanitizer used is not scented. When the sanitizer is scented, it basically means additional chemicals are needed. As the product is applied to an area which is frequently used, therefore it is important for the user of the sanitizer to confirm the ingredients used in production. Chemicals like phthalates will affect users hormones and change their genital development, while the other, parabens are used to extend the shelf life of the product.

Pictures by Andres Chaparro, Shiny Diamond, Andrea Piacquadio & Polina Tankilevitch 

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