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Be peachy with this local indie synth-pop band, The Peachskins

by Grace Sundram

Step aside and make way for The Peachskins, an underground synth-pop indie rock band that writes their own songs just like how the hipsters would like it. Ever since they released their first single, Delorean Daydream, they have been making their mark slowly in the music industry by performing in Merdekarya, The Bee and several more places to get their music out there.


The members of The Peachskins consist of Rafique Ramleh, Sadman Yeasir (Raj Haque), Arnold Tham and Shahid Rogers. Every one of them was from the same campus but one fact is that the frontman of the band, Rafique, came up with the band name before the band was even formed.

peach (1)

Rafique’s passion for music first started when he watched Martin Mcflyin play the guitar in Back to the Future. Nevertheless, what really started off Rafique’s music journey was Daft Punk’s Discovery album, hence the similar beat and energy.


We have seen them perform live and honestly, people have got to give them the credit they deserve. Reminding us a little of Daft Punk whilst the energy on stage is fire.

Personally, our favourite songs of theirs would be The Last Time, Lotion and of course, their latest EP that was released last August called Skincare.

It is quite amazing how they are beating the stereotype down by showing that skincare isn’t just for the ladies.

You can now listen to their funky and refreshing songs below, as it’ll make you come back for more.

Don’t forget to check them out on Instagram, Facebook and also Twitter for updates.

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